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July 28, 2010



How's this? When you get to Kansas, head east. When you get to Pennsylvania, head northeast on Interstate 90. Stop at Niagara Falls (everyone must see it once!) and then drive a little ways (OK, three hours) up the Thruway and visit ME!


How wonderful! What fun you will have with your mom!

Into Vintage

Would you mind if I stowaway in the trunk? I'm happy to hold things on my lap too. And I've never been to Idaho. :-) Sounds like an amazing time.


My Hubby and I do love that show "American Pickers"!! So much so we are driving from DC-MN next week...and hope to kinda do the same thing ohhh and visit the inlaws too..LOL :) A ton of the Flea Markets I go to here in the DC area get the best stuff in Ohio and PA is seems...but that may be too far east for your trip's rout:( I am trying to talk my Hubby into driving us to Country Living's fair In Ohio in late Sept as well :) Huge Dream is to visit the First Monday Trade in Canton, TX as well!!! But that trip will have to wait untill maybe next summer and only if we get orders back to Cali.:( Wish my 2 cents could be more help...but never the less still super excited to see all the wonderful treasures you find along your way :) There is something to be said about the adventure of a good ole American Rd Trip and the memories/treasures one finds/create that are indigenous to each area :) Happy Trails 2 YOU !!! oxoxo's...Liza


Just seen your post, We just got back from a long trip to Dubuque Iowa,to family reunion. First time ever been that far. Anyway we took route through montana,South Dakota.We went to Deadwood SD..we loved it..then mt.rushmore..corn palace(disappointed..so We loved Dubuque.On the way back we went Nebraska way...Grand Island had a antique mall that every booth was great stuff...Farm chics stuff..loved it. While there we stumbled onto a kind of feed/antique primitive store. Then onto Stewart Nebraska..thrift store we got some good prices..otherwise we didnt get to stop and see much..Took us 4 days travel to get back to washington State.


Me again..forgot to tell you...I have a space at the Rusty Pelican in Richland Wn. She has just rented an old gas station in Benton city Wn..it is going to be so fantastic. She will be having shows there also on the side of the station once a month.Not sure if youve ever been to the Rusty Pelican. It is the best antique store in this area. She is looking for dealers for her show which she is shooting to open in October.Her store will be open by Sept.1st. Will have to take pictures when the station is up and running.. been lurking and looking at all your goodies youve been picking up..so envious..sally

Mimi Sue

Sounds like so much fun. I'd love to hear what everyone says since we'll be driving to Illinois from Utah this fall. If you want to drive a little south into Utah I'll show you a boatload of adorable places. Love those little wooden figures. So cute. Mimi

Kari S.

I know Wyoming like the back of my hand were are you passing through in Wyoming? It's a mighty big state with a whole lot of empty!


Wow! Should be a great time! Last year we flew to Seattle, then rented a car to drive back to Chicago. This year we're kind of doing the same, only starting from Denver to drive back east.

Unfortunately, with a husband and teenager in tow, and a whirlwind schedule, there was no time to look in any shops last year! We did a lot of history/nature stops instead - Mt. Rushmore (thought it'd be corny, but we liked it), Yellowstone, Lewis and Clark sites, etc.

If you're a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, I'd recommend stopping at De Smet, SD, where many of her books were set. As a big fan of her books, taking the tours of the area (there's a self-guided driving tour as well as a guided tour of a few buildings)was a huge thrill for me. I thought that the gift shop was well-stocked too. It's a bit of a drive off of the freeway though.

We liked Bozeman, MT - cute college town and there's a good choice of restaurants.

On the subject of restaurants, if you're not familiar with the website roadfood.com, check it out - there's a state-by-state list of places to eat - you might find that helpful.

If you need more detailed info, just let me know. I might have some more things to add after our trip next week - we'll be driving through more of WY, and will be traveling through Nebraska for the first time.


Curious Sofa was fun...I think the Brass Armadillo is close to it...so cheap! And huge!

Anyway, so jealous!! You will have so much fun!


Good times, I would recommend Nell Hill's in Atchison, KS. While you are there you can hit the small antique shops and swing by Westin, MO where they have some nice shops as well. On your way into town stop off at Parkville and hit some of their shops and antique malls. Word of warning most are closed on Monday? Down from the Curios Sofa is the Mission Road Antique Mall, can be high priced but fun to go through and worth the time, huge. Inside is a lovely tea and sandwich shop that is great for lunch. I would suggest googling the towns to have a look at what they offer. If there is room, like the others, I will offer to hold your stuff, Ha! We are glad that you are coming along. Let me know if you need more help. Renee in Kansas with the mermaid...


I'm thinking you need to turn East and head toward Virginia. Baring that idea - you might want to swing by Modesto (if it's the weekend of October 9th) and visit the Green Pea, Miss Jean and Sweet Cottage Dreams for their blogging party.

C. Dianne Zweig

Hi, dropped by to say hello. You might want to post your idea question on Iantiqueonline.com

plenty of folks will offer ideas.

kitsch n Stuff


Wow! We are on our way back to california from port Angeles washington. We are in grants pass Oregon now
. Hitting what antique stores we can and keeping on schedule as we go. Having a blast! Drive safe!


Hi Laurie,
Oh what a wonderful trip you will
have! I wish that I could help
with some "have to stop here"
places throughout the states you
will be going. I haven't been
fortunate to travel there yet and
flying over them doesn't count.
I'm sure you will have a wonderful
itinerary very soon. I think I
can hear the call of spun cotton
heads getting ready for you!! : ))
What a blast you will have.

Vintage Christine

Wow! So many good suggestions! If you get a chance go to my blog to see what Cowboy Bill and his lil gal have been up to ...


Oh my family will be in KC in October....weekend before Halloween. Is this the weekend you will be there? Unfortunately I won't be there because there are huge craft shows in Arkansas that weekend....and I found several thrift stores there. You are coming very close to my home...in OoooOoOoklahoma!!! Make sure you wave, k?

Kathy Groove Cloth

Ooooh how fun! What I've always wanted to do. Can't wait to get to October and read what happens!!!

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