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July 01, 2010



How can you possibly top this blog!?!!! I've looked through it 3 times already. I love the pink doors and the handles. The large stork is so cute, and the little doll furniture. Wow. Perfect.


Solved at last: where to put the old Kool-Aid packet! Tons of fun, Laurie - you know I love anything with the words "random" and "hodge podge" and lots of photos to match!


So many fun little vintage treasures! What a great way to showcase them! I love everything! I think my favorites are the stork and honeycomb birds!


Laurie, this is fabulous! I love every little thing. Oh does that kool-aid packet bring back memories! I have so many little things like this, too. You've totally solved the problem of where to display them.



I don't even know where to start...my head is spinning!! First, I have to say your Dad and Husband are awesome! To be able to create those cabinets, along that wall~ genius! Do you ever leave your house?? I would NEVER! I think I'd find myself rolling across the floor in front of those cabinets admiring the amazing collections! I'm not sure how much more I can take~ if you top this post, my head is sure to explode!


You are a lady after my own heart!! Love it!! Love it!! Might have to talk hubby into one.


First of all you are soooooo lucky to have men to help you with these beautiful cabinets!!! I think my favorite cabinet is number one:) I love all the cute treasures that you have put in them!! The cabinet knobs are soooo cool. Oh well back to look again!!!

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

If I say WOW that hardly seems enough.Double WOW?!!!!!Amazing, beautiful, fabulous, drool worthy...I could stare all day.

Into Vintage

Oh my word - this is amazing!! So perfectly arranged and such a fun mix of Ethel-ness. That little cowgirl is priceless - I'm going to have to review all of this again to catch every little thing. Fabulous!!

Sandy McClay

Wow...was that fun!!!!!! My favorite???? Door #6!!!!! I also have a thing for old items still in the package for parties!!!! All of it tho is so perfectly "Laurie" !!!!! Your home has to be incredible! Thank you for this tour...great idea!!!! I think this need to go into a Organize type magazine!!!!!

Bella Dreams

WOW! This is just perfect! I couldn't quite visualize what it would look like in your last post, but it's wonderful! Love those pulls that you used too. Your two guys are great carpenters. Always love to look at all of your super cute little goodies. I swear, I never see anything like it here.

Kim G.

Oh, the glory of it!!! Fantastic! Just wonderful!


Holy cow you did a wonderful job on filling up those cabinets and they look wonderful!!! absolutely wonderful..;)


Oh Laurie, the cabinets filled
with your treasures are wonderful!!
I love the pale pink paint and
the cabinet pulls!! Your Husband
and Dad did a wonderful job of
creating your dream cabinets!!!!!
Love everything and the metal
cups are sooooooo cute!!! Will
you be changing this from time to
time? I have to go back and look
at them again! : )


Love it!

Tamera Wolfe

aLL I CAN SAY IS wow!!! i LOVE IT!!!Such cool stuff!!!


Jealous...that your husband did this for you without huffing and puffing and that you had such wonderful things to put in it...jealous that he let you paint it pink in a main room without a second look. Gosh, Laurie it is so fabulous I had to take a second look on our main computer because I was afraid I was missing something on my laptop. Thanks for the inspiration. I've got to go talk to my husband!

Jayme L.

You could charge admission!! It would be my first stop if I ever got to Oregon - "Magpie Ethel's Museum of Wonderful and Cute Stuff."

I am soooo envious. I'm going to show my handy husband how loved you are - maybe he'll figure out a way (and a place) to make me some cute cupboards like yours.

Thanks for sharing your good fortune!



I LOVE it! It turned out perfectly. Isn't it wonderful when something turns out exactly as you imagined it?

Have a lovely weekend,


So wonderful! Such a great use of space, and a great way to display such fun vintage goodies!


"Perfect"---I absolutely love it!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You must have been like a little kid, sitting there on the floor, sorting all of your things, deciding what goes where! It looks fantastic, and I bet you're so happy to be able to display all of these things. They finally have a home! One of my favorite things: the box that says Just For Fun. That sums you up, to a T!


What wonderful display space!! I love all of your favorite little things....so perfectly highlighted in your beautiful cabinets. Love it!

Debra Ganas

That is the most amazing project I have ever seen. I love it when a plan comes together and this plan is awesome. Thank you for showing us the start to finish and what a finish it was.
Note to self.... Get out those tiny treasures and put them somewhere where I can enjoy them.
And give those special handy men in your life an extra special treat.

Thank you for the inspiration.


Oh Laurie,

All I can say is "AWESOME!"




WoW!! You have quite the stash! I LOVE that kitschy little kinda stuff too!

Carol T.

Two words - totally awesome!

Linda @ A La Carte

I adore these cabinets and all your wonderful collections!


You are AWESOME! People say they are going to do things all the time and never really get around to it. When you posted about that store and it's neat shallow cabinets, I wanted to make some for myself too! But you actually did and that's awesome. They turned out fabulously and I love the stuff you put in them. Especially the row of honeycomb chick with the lattice behind them. So cool! I definitely have to make them for myself now! Someday....lol


Oh how fun! I love all the stuff in your cabinet.


Laurie I think this may be my favorite post you have ever done. Completely genius is all I have to say!!!! I love that you created this (with the help of a great husband and great dad :-) and now have a completely unique place to display your vintage fabulousness. Hooray for you. LOve LOve LOve it.

Jeannie DiMauro

This is just too perfect and I cannot think of anything else to say! I bet the most fun was actually arranging all your little treasures... I am so jealous!!! Tell your dad and husband they deserve Man of the Year award!

Paula Clare

Hi Laurie!
DOOR #2! DOOR #2! How I LOVE the cowboy/Roy Rogers/plastic cowgirl section! It's my FAVorite! How clever of you to think "Cabinet doors" for your displays! Love, love, love! It's like having your own Department store windows to decorate...and how fun would THAT be?!?


This is an absolutely inspired idea! The perfect depth for showing off little things, and I love all the different colored glass handles!


It really is wonderful. I so enjoyed looking at all the goodies inside. I know you will have fun seeing your treasures displayed there!!


Hi Laurie,
I'm your neighbor, Angela, different than the person above. These are the most amazing cabinets. They are really unique (and I look at alot of design eye candy). Your dad and husband did such a beautiful job. What fun to fill and change the displays.

Mimi Sue

What a truly great idea. Wasted space turned into adorableness. Your sticker collection is a thing of beauty. Mimi


Simply Magical! I am going to have to review this post again and again to revisit every single wonderful detail! Perfectly Perfect! Happy 4th of July! Elizabeth


"Swoon" is the only word I can think of!!!
Your home is the swooniest home I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing it with us. I can't tell you how many ideas you have given me for my house.
So fun!!!


what a great collection and such a wonderful way to display it!


Deb :)


Great cabinets and what a collection! Thanks for sharing. Connie

Amy Dean

I am so impressed that you were inspired by our French Pharmacy Wall here at Crown & Crumpet. Your cabinets look fantastic and girl what a collection! I love it!! You have a great eye!

Your blog is loads of fun too! Take care and thank you again for letting me know we inspired you!
All the best,
Amy Dean
Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon


Your collections are wonderful and so is the cabinet. Great way to display so many things.


What a totally amazing cabinet and what a fun collection! I really enjoyed taking a peek, tfs, Nan


I'll just say it I'm green with envy!!!!! Lordy what fabulous cabinets and such wonderful treasures.


What a creative mind you have! One of those things that everyone's probably saying, "Why didn't I think of that?". Perfect!

(I'm getting caught up on my blog reading cuz I've been so busy the past few weeks, so you may get a lot of comments from me - don't feel obligated to respond to them all!)

Shelley Germann

Geez, look at all those yummies! The cabinets turned out GREAT! What a super idea. I struggle finding homes for my goodies because our new house has such an open floor plan. I have no wall space!

Su Gardner

just found this post by accident and absolutely love it, such a super collection of smalls and super way of displaying them.

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