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August 03, 2010



Great collection... everything except that little paper gnome. I don't think I'd want him on my cake.
I think I have some very old (45 years or so) candles that look like the boy and girl candleholders you have. I'll have to look for them.
Thanks for sharing!


Love this collection - maybe because it's all about celebrating? (Or because our birthdays come at such awkward times of the year that we're compensating?)


Neat collection. I love the little bird candle holders especially.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love the variety of boxes and candles you have. The candle holders are wonderful. Gosh I remember having those on my birthday cake as a kid. Such a fun collection!!

Shara @ monkeybox

As you know, your collection of birthday candles inspired me and now I have a good amount of them too! Do you have any of the little glasses that stick in cakes for toasting? I've been lucky enough to find several sets that are all a bit different. They remind me of my Great Grandma - the Birthday Party Queen!


It funny..I don't remember how my cakes were decorated..I just remember the people who were there..and the games we played...or the where we had the party..skating rink..parks..lake..horseback riding..ect.
I love your collection.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


I think every vintage box of candles reside in Oregon. Every auction, resale shop or yard sale I go to nothing. :(

But then again if I was a box of vintage candles I would want to come live in your happy kitchen or wonderful craft world too!!!

Nancy Jane York

What a wonderful collection. My favorite being the 'Fairy Candles'..Take care Nan


Laurie, your candle, candle holder
and cake decoration collection is
fantastic! I really enjoy your
Tuesday Challenges. It is a lot
of fun to see all of your "goodies"
and it is great "eye candy"!! : )
I have a few boxes of vintage candles and some of the cute pink
girl candle holders. I agree, the
graphics are so wonderful and I
just wish they made things like
they used to. I really like the
jar of candle holders. Very cheery. Please let me see your
collection of vintage drink
swizzle sticks and/or drinking

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

What a great collection. I love all of the different graphics on the boxes. And the candle holders are cute too - much better than the creepy clown heads that were on my first birthday cake. And everyone wonders why I'm terrified of clowns. hahaha


WOW!! I am blown away - I never thought there would be so many different graphics with birthday candles. I'm surprised there are no Scottie candle holders!

Sandy McClay

This is one of your collections that I adore!!! I love the "twisty" candles, but I am a sucker for the boxes and the little plastic holders and signs for cakes!!!! I buy them whenever I can! I hope to have jar full someday too! :) Thanks for a fun fun post! Sandy


I just love this collection!! I love how you display them in a glass jar just like me:)

Shelley Germann

I have exactly ONE box of candles that came in a box lot...at this point I don't think that constitutes a collection. Guess what though, it's the last box you posted! Now why are all the boxes I find torn? The lid has a rip. Bought a box of Christmas hangers about two weeks ago...same thing! Oh, to have ONE good box!

Into Vintage

Those little boxes look great all laid out together -- looks like they could have a picture fame around them.

Sadly, I am old enough that I recall having a birthday cake with the little ballerinas on it.


Hi Laurie,

What a fun collection! I agree the graphics are really nice. How fun to hav ethem in a jar in your kitchen!



Another fabulous collection! I still have those coasters that match your napkins (the coffee ones) and will send them soon. My life got a little crazy in the last few weeks!

Oh and I think the stork candle holders might be my favorite. :)

Mitzi Curi

Laurie, thanks so much for the guided tour through the Wonderful World of Birthday Candles & Holders. I love the little box full of melted lumps. The owner of those no doubt lived through the depression years and treasured everything they had. Very sweet!

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