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August 10, 2010



Stanley Shoehorn??? Who was the ad genius who though up that one? Ha!
The cowboy (& girl) buttons are the best. And I do like the look of the modern crusader button.
Thanks for sharing -- I do enjoy Collection Tuesday!


I have a "brought one" button as well - I don't if I read it somewhere, or if I imagined it, but I thought that "brought one" was given to those who brought a guest to Sunday school. But that doesn't make any sense with the "I got one" button - and what if you brought more than one guest to Sunday school? So I don't know either!

Linda @ A La Carte

Love your button collection. I also think the brought one was for Sunday School. The I got one not so sure. Love the age buttons, too cute. I have some from my high school days. Gosh they are over 40 yrs old now. Yikes I'm old!


You sure have a lot of those for something you don't collect - but I know, they do kind of come along with other things sometimes. I found a little Kennedy pin the other day while sorting through buttons and stuck it on my shirt for safekeeping. Needless to say I forgot all about it and wore it everywhere that day. (And yet no one said a thing.)


Hi Laurie,
What a nice collection of buttons!
I really like the tin tab fold
ones and the cute birthday pins!
This was a fun collection to see.
The "Brought One" and "Got One"
buttons are really interesting.
Have a great night.

Debra Ganas

Love the button collection. I would love to know and see if you have a safety pin "art" collection. I have a few angels and some candle holders.I have seen baskets too. They are gaudy but I like them.



You have more collections than anyone I know! Thanks for the visit to my blog and your comment about the house in Astoria......isn't it just awesome?!
I know if I lived closer to you we'd be good friends!

mich in mich

i love the vintage cowboy pins!!

miss ethel, you're the best!


These wonderful little pins remind of the the Red Cross buttons given in school, but for the life of me I can't remember why! Your craft room holds endless wonderment, and I for one am so grateful that you share it with us! Elizabeth


Those are neat! I was actually in the IBEW when I worked for Verizon!

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