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August 17, 2010


Mitzi Curi

Thanks so much for the enjoyable views of bar ware and straws! I can't imagine that very many people actually used Glassip straws to make decorations.....especially an entire Jack-O-Lantern!


Harmonicas dangling from a swizzle stick. Now what could be more fun!!
I love the straws displayed in the canned vegatables. I do tend to save empty cans when the label is painted on. Your paper labels are great. Vintage?


Great post! I hadn't heard of Glassip straws, but I loved the giraffes on the packaging as well as the "slim jims for parties" (I'd dress them up with bits of cute fabrics or felt). And those swizzle stick sailors are fun too!

Sandy McClay

What a fun post....I have a thing for these kind of items....I love how you put them in the old cans....I just like to look at the colors! :) I have an old swizzel stick I need to send you! :) Can you email me your address????


Well, you sure got me with this one! I've never seen any of the craft projects that your cute vintage books show. Loved this post, as usual. You always come up with the best of the best.

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

You are the Queen of Cooooool!


I would not have believed it if I did not see it for myself! What fond memories of Shirley Temples these straws recall. Such fun! E

Linda @ A La Carte

Love the straws and that pumpkin craft was really cute! I have some swizzle sticks from my parents and my early years of drinking! I need to get them out and do a fun post with them. Keep the collections coming!


I never knew a straw/swizzle stick collection could be so fun! I especially love the sticks with the little harmonicas. I've never in my life ever seen those!!


Hi Laurie, Thank you so much
for showing your fun collection
of straws and swizzle sticks!!!
I like the way you have displayed
them in the cans. I've never seen
the Glassip straws but, I bet they
were fun to drink from. The French
Line swizzle sticks are great and
so are the harmonica ones. I've
never seen those either...only the
swizzle sticks with the whistle.
Love those glasses and the bottle
opener!!! What a great collection. I hope your area is
a lot cooler now.

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