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August 24, 2010



And "MOO" to you. Thanks for sharing!!

Luckily at the Memorial Day Flea Market, I found a milk bottle with Rock Creek Dairy on it!! - And you know it came home with me and is setting in my kitchen window. Occasionally it gets a posey placed in it.


I collect milk containers also..I feel it is such a great loss to our growing up that these part of history are no longer used. the coldness of the milk..the delivery of the milk from door to door...the artwork on them...so glad to know you rescue them also!!!!! I have a few of the Old milking cans..bottles..stools..a milking apron...some toppers..and of course some vintage ice cream containers. They are all in storage..but I kept a few of the milk bottles out..and have recently found some more. I use them for my arts and crafts..and of course I do love them for flowers!! Your children graphics are so cute!!

Okay new challenge..potatoe chip canisters?

Girl have you ever looked ..no really looked at the ice bag graphics of today...I swear you have created a monster in me looking at graphics..lol

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


I have a Crater Lake milk bottle, too, but mine is full size. But I love the bottles from your childhood. So unusual and special.

Kim G.

Love all of the milk goods! The crate and individual creamers are the best!


What a fun post of all the milk bottles!! I agree with Cindy above, you've made me start noticing even more all the graphics on things new & old!! =)

Ok, so for the next collection challenge, how about you "Show me your collection of cats, kittens & feline items."?! I recently had to put to sleep my precious kitty of 12 years Sugar. So I've been on a kitty kick lately of all things feline!

LOVE your blog & crafty items!! You're an inspiration! =)


It is amazing to me the things you find. I love searching for treasures where ever I go but it is very limited where I live. Thank you for sharing your treasures with us.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love milk! Love it!! Your collection is small (for you, lol) and I like the variety of items. I have a few old milk bottles!!


Love this collection!! I really love the milk bottle in the back with the cow on it:) We LOVE milk!! Of course we are dairy farmers so we better:)


Hi Laurie, I really like your milk
bottle collection, great graphics!
The small bottles that you use
for window sill vases are so
sweet. I do love milk in a glass
bottle. It stays really cold and
that is the best way to drink it
for me. Great dairy collection!

Into Vintage

Another great collection! I have to admit I had a chuckle when you said one of the only phrases in Afrikaans you remember is "I don't know." I'm very impressed you learned another language which is more than I can say for myself! -amy
PS That little sproingy-headed milkmaid is adorable.


Loved looking at this collection! All the milk talk conjured up the image of a milk mustache and that lead to the bathroom to wash it off. Funny how the mind wanders. So that brings me to... show me your collection of vintage toiletries.I can't imagine you don't have a few given how you love the old graphics. As always, thank you for sharing your fun!


I have another bloggy friend who grew up on a diary farm. I'll have to tell her to come over here to look at these.

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