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August 22, 2010



I must confess.....I'm really, really jealous of you right now! What a jackpot!!!! I'm moving to your neck of the woods asap! HA!!!!!!


!!! What a HUGE SCORE!!! WOW WOW WOW...
and a "tad" jealous!!! But, happy for you!
ENJOY your treasures!
deb :)


I am so glad that I am not the lady behind you at the estate sale who has to watch get all the goodies...just joking... You have the best eye for vintage Christmas/graphic goodies. I cannot wait to see some of your Halloween craftiness. Smiles from Kansas-Renee

Nancy Jane York

What can I say, just unbelievable I guess.


Wow!! Better than good!


Forgot to tell you that I finally posted on my blog.Im bad but when im on the computor I am a blog hopper...read about the new store and flea market in Benton city washington...old gas station.Sally

My Shabby Roses

You did find some great things! I was tempted to go back today but resisted. I did end up going back around 4:00 Saturday as I needed to meet Paula there. Found a few more items. It was a great sale!


You do find the best sales! What an unbelievable haul.
Seriously cute stuff.......

One Gal's Trash



"The Romance of Tuna"... OMG- I laughed so hard when I read that!! It's good that I laughed, because I don't think I was breathing until then. OMGosh-- so much great stuff!!!!
I think you and the lady of that house are soul sisters, my friend. Her beloved goodies are in good hands!

Jeannie DiMauro

omg laurie! what a sale and what a coup for you!!! i just love everything you found... surely the cottage cheese container was an institutional size (although, i swear, my mother tried to make us eat enough cottage cheese that i'm sure she'd have bought that size had she found it! does anyone remember the 50s & salads consisting of a lettuce leaf, half a canned peach or pear... filled to overflowing with cottage cheese... & topped with mint? or... sometimes a cherry? yuck... ) i see similar suggestions in some of the vintage magazines and think how proud my mother must have been for providing us this "so charming and healthy" salad! anyhow... LOVE your stuff... and, i'm sorry, but i AM jealous. very jealous!


T- Too Much Wonderful Eye Candy
H- Help! hyperventilating.
U- Uh-oh
D- Dizzy, very dizzy.........

Just passed out!!

Laurie, I want to come and play
at your house. I promise I won't
take too much. : )
P.S. I admit, I have severe sticker envy going on right now.


I'm so glad I can shop Estate Sales vicariously through you - that is one of the things I miss about living in SoCal. There is nothing here - except when we have the Flea Market on Labor Day and Memorial Day. I do attend an occasional auction.


Oh wow! It's like this sale was made for you! I have that set of horse cards, it's for Canasta I think? And I love that cute shadow box and the match book card, so unique! Lucky girl!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think I would need some smelling salts if I hit a great sale like that! What a bounty of goodies, all just perfect for you. I'm still waiting for that great sale this summer. The sales have been awful...

Into Vintage

Sounds like we're all fainting over your haul - just amazing! I have this picture of you walking into the Christmas room at this estate sale and locking the door behind you. :-)

I have a little roll of vintage Christmas tape that I set aside thinking "Maybe Ethel can use this" -- should have known you collect it! :-)

Congrats on the fabulous and thrilling finds!!


Adorable finds!!! So much cuteness! Love all the vintage Christmas!


man you always find the best stuff.;) i have never seen anything like it.;)


Yes, you found some treasures. I love the vintage Christmas and Halloween. The Halloween candy cups bring back memories. I'm wondering what your strategy is when you hit an estate sale? Do you make a quick run through the place and then head back to what interests you the most? How do you carry it all while you're shopping? It takes time to take the stuff up to the cashier to hold. I'd love to know your game plan. You must live where there are basements and usable attics. We don't have basements and it's too hot and humid to put anything worth keeping in the attic or garage. :( I'm envious.

Linda @ A La Carte

I can't believe you found so much great stuff at one sale! Imagine how long she had been saving! So glad you found so much that you love and collect. I am wowoed!!


What an amazing cache! I'm so jealous! (As usual.) I especially love those foil boots...so neat! Thanks for sharing!! And one thing that I was wondering...how long have you been going to estate sales on a regular basis? I hope to become a regular myself once we move back to NY where I can navigate the roads better and where tons of houses in the boonies are filled with years of treasures, just waiting for me to find! :)

Kathy Groove Cloth

Would love to have been a little fly on your shoulder. Fun finds!

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