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August 06, 2010



What marvelous finds!!

Into Vintage

Those bars of soap are sweet and a little sad - I love how she wrote the dates on them - maybe those were her only souvenirs. Fun to display them somehow - I'm sure you have some vintage crafty ideas up your sleeve!


The hotel soap is just too funny. (And I'd have never thought to ask for that in the collection challenge.) I'd probably faint if I ever found a pink bottlebrush tree. That was some spectacular sale!


Hi Laurie, Your new found treasures
are wonderful!! I love all of
the Christmas goodies. You were
so lucky to find them first and
they are great!! I really like
the putz houses, mercury garland
and the tree. Also just love
that sweet birdie illustration!
It would be great as a decal and/or
stickers and I bet it would sell
in your shop! I would buy them! : )
Have a great weekend.


A ready made collection - soaps from hotels - takes you back to a kinder, gentler time, doesn't it?


I'm always amazed at how well you do, especially with the Christmas decorations. Too much fun!!!

Debra Ganas

Only YOU could find a hotel soap collection from the 50's. I love them and I could see them framed in the bathroom. Very cool.
And love the Christmas collection too. The umbrella napkin stand is so cute too.
Have a great weekend.

Shara @ monkeybox

The soap would be cute in a big jar. But, that's my answer to everything - put it in a big jar.

I'm always on the hunt for Chocolate Covered Cherry boxes - so that would have been a happy find and the soap - an extra surprise!


You are the Queen of Estate Sales. Every week I am amazed at the treasures you find and then you find treasures inside treasures. Yikes!! Good for you.


love the little soaps...great to take camping...:) or anywhere you need to wash your hands..too cool..love all the other treasures too;)


Hi Laurie, It was fun seeing you at the sale this morning. Looks like you found some great Christmas items. That was an interesting sale! I found 3 pairs of baby shoes in boxes there and lots of other goodies.
Til next time,


Those bars of soap are just to funny, isn't it amazing the things we keep? I love that umbrella napkin holder. Ihit a good estate sale this week-end too. Makes you feel good the rest of the week doesn't it?


Love the pink bottle brush tree:) The soap is so neat to. Yes they would look nice in jar :)


Hi Laurie...Love all your finds, as always...but the soaps gave me quite a giggle. My mother wrote dates & other info on just about everything that stood still, but hotel soaps as momentos? That's a hoot. What I'm really loving though is the wording on the box..."chocolate covered...modified... cherries... in fondant"?? Pitted & stemmed would be the modifications? Happy Sunday *elaine*

Linda @ A La Carte

Love your Christmas finds from this sale, but the soap is the best! How funny and that she dated them. Love it!


Laurie, I am so glad I popped in to keep up with your posts! I might have missed the birthday candle collection challenge. I adore them now because of you! Today's post made me giggle and hope (Heaven forbid) that you are around should my husband pass away and I had to have an estate sale of all the thousands and thousands of hotel soaps, etc. that he brings home from EVERY hotel he stops at. (Does he think our own stores will run out?) I have to squirrel them out of our home and donate them to Salvation Army leaving just one of every kind so that he doesn't realize. Holy cow! He should have married this woman. Great and fun graphics! Have a lovely week ahead! E

Mimi Sue

Don't you just love that Ifoundsomegreatthings glow? Love that little birdie picture. Mimi


My mother used to save hotel soaps. Don't know why never asked but now I wonder.

The duck rocks!!!


Wow!! You always find the cutest stuff!! I love the illustration of the girl blowing bubbles with a fairy trapped in a bubble and the adorable dressed up birdie!

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