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August 21, 2010



I am anxiously awaiting your next entry. You have the best luck!
I love the old ice cream bags.

Debra Ganas

Melissa, those were my favorite too. What a wonderful batch of fabulous red finds. I love all the red stuff.I can't wait to see what you do with the red letters and numbers.

Linda @ A La Carte

Wow! Wonderful finds. I love the red letters and ice cream bags~now I want to see Sat's scores!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

You got some neat Christmas things. Can't wait to see what else you got at the estate sale.



You did hit the Friday jackpot - I can hardly wait to see what finds you got on Saturday!!

Love the "tote all" - was that one of your finds or did you already own it.


I never cease to be amazed at our finds! I can't wait to see what you create with all of your goodies!

Vintage Christine

OMG Laurie--you have GOT to make a spunhead Japanese geisha and it is going to come straight to my house! Please please please save that one for me when you sort out all your stuff. What a great haul and can't wait to see the next bunch. PS--Cowboy Bill & Billie's kids are growin' like weeds and I'll be doing an update soon, ha ha ha.


Amazing! Love that old tinsel and the glitter. You made a great haul!
Aren't those sweet faces on the children's book beautiful? I adore those old graphics. Can't wait to see the "side two" of this 45 record!! - Kathy


Oh what super deals!!! Now I can't wait for your next post!!!!


Hi Laurie, You mean the next
post will have even more wonderful
goodies than these???? Oh my
gosh, you DO find the most wonderful
things. I love those chenille
stems, (the pink and blue too),
wonderful tinsel and that sweet
Irmi switchplate! I actually
found an Irmi plate too...with
a sweet blue and pink bird on it.
Love it all!!
P.S. Thank you for the metal
chair info. : )


Ooooh, all that vintage silver tinsel. And the tote-all !!! So cute.
You really know how to dig up treasures, my little pirate friend.


Yummy stuff as usual! I can REALLY remember those light switch plates. I had one in my daughter's room when she was a baby. And she's 36 now! OUCH!!


You sure did hit the jack pot..loved looking at all your finds.You are going to have fun creating your dolls with some of this stuff.


Great finds-- love the "Glamour Glitter" and those ice cream bags! Fun! Fun! Fun!


Oh My Gosh!! I am sooooo jealous....I can't believe I can't find stuff like that here in Oklahoma!! I think I love your saturday stuff best too!

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