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August 19, 2010


Mimi Sue

Your garden party is adorable. I'm afraid I prefer the vintage side;) But congratulations to Ben and have a wonderful time at college. Mimi


Everything looks fantastic - I know you guest ooohed and aahed over all of it.

I always use an old ironing board if I need extra serving space and my son always says, "Mom, you know you're a redneck........... Silly boy, but I love him.

Debra Ganas

Looks like the party was a success. Love the beaver guard. And the banners.
I know your Son is proud of his Mamma.


All that hard work really paid off-- it looks so fabulous! I love the OSU bunting and all the fun details like the tags on the toppings-- Fab.u.lous!!!

Now, take a nap. Entertaining is hard work.


birdie blue

sweet party! your garden looked beautiful. parties are a lot of work, but afterwards you're always glad you did all the work.

best of luck to your son!



man you can come and cater my next party...you know how to do it up right..;)


The yard looked wonderful. Isn't it great to have all those tablecloths when you need them?

Good luck to Ben -- hope he has the time of his life. Aah, to be young again...

Becky Ransom

I can almost feel the ice cream dripping down my chin! I had gummy bears on mine! I feel like I came to the party too!!!

Everything looked great, but I know it was more work than people think. I sat up a lemonade stand for my granddaughter and I'm still cleaning up the things that have to be stored. Table cloths, tables,cups,etc! I can only imagine how hard you worked for the party, but it shows!!!!

Congrats! to Ben!!!! Make lots of good memories!



Quite possibly the coolest grad party ever! I loved, loved, loved all those toppings. I would've gone bananas and made a scene with my way-too-many-toppings sundae. Great idea - thanks so much for sharing. PS. I adore your glasses collection.


Great looking party, especially the theme. We're huge Beaver fans in this house (hubby went there, dd 9yo wants to go there!)
The Little Bitty Raindrop book is so cute, after checking out how much they're selling for on ebay you may wish you had purchased it! That is if the price was right, but knowing that you do a lot of garage and estate sales I can't imagine it was too expensive. Next time grab it!


What at great idea and everything looks wonderful!! Congratulations to Ben!!

So do ducks and beavers get along??

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Congrats to Ben! He's so lucky to have a Mom who really knows how to throw a fun party. The ice cream social sounds like a great, casual theme, and I bet everyone was able to stay cool by eating all that ice cream. Go Beavers!

Sammy Girl (Betty)

Hi, Laurie!

What a GREAT party ... and such a great theme and fun decorations (and great using the food items as decor!) You indeed are one crafty mom! Congrate to your new soon-to-be beaver. Lots of OSU grads here ... so GO BEAVS!
And your last post .... hmmm ... wanting a book with Christmas theme ... I never woulda guessed .... lol! I'm looking forward to getting caught up with all your summer activities ... have a great weekend! Hugs! Betty :)


It would be fun to go to a party of yours! All the great decor. Congrats to your son, I know you will miss him but hope he has a super time at OSU.


Hi Laurie,
Best Wishes to your Son and such
wonderful graduation party pictures.
I really like the two themes that
you went with, especially the
vintage look. Your backyard looks
like a cute cafe and I would have
wanted to stay there all day. : )
The party food looks really yummy
too. You certainly put so much
loving work into your son's party
and I'm sure it will be memorable
for him.


Laurie, I just have to ask....
where did you get those great
pink and blue/turquoise metal
chairs?? LOVE them!!


Oh Laurie, This post is just too funny to me! At first I was confused by the OSU because here in Ohio we have OSU! The Buckeye's, of course! Then the black and orange! All of the schools in our little town are black and orange. Is Halloween always going to dog my heels? 12 years of black and orange parties and then my son marries on October 31st! Again, black and orange! EEK! Your party outdoors is such a wonderful idea. I wish you the best of luck with your soon to be empty nest - oh so hard. I began my blog due to this condition. Enjoy your remaining days, more black and orange to come! Elizabeth

Carol T.

Laurie ~ I just love your backyard and it looked beautiful all decked out in your vintage tablecloths. I'm a huge black licorice fan and saw that it was represented in the toppings!!

My daughter Megan leaves this Sunday for Michigan State University and I'm filled with emotions. She is my youngest and my only daughter and even though she's the third one I have sent off to college, her leaving will be the hardest of all for so many reasons. My middle one, Matthew, just moved back home from college last week to finish up his student teaching internship at a local school district so we are not empty nesters quite yet! My oldest son is a teacher and even though he has his own home, he is over here all the time. I'm glad my boys are around, but I'm not looking forward to being the only girl around here.

Now you can relax and enjoy the next month with Ben. I know I was very happy when Megan's party was behind me. It was so much work, but I'm so glad I did it for her.

Much success to Ben at college!


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