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August 15, 2010



Absolutely adorable!!!


Oh I love that!! I need one to:) I haven't had a good sleep in awhile. I fall asleep and then wake up and end up cleaning or moving things around till the wee hours of the morning:( I so enjoy putzing when all the kids are sleeping but then I am soooo tired thru the day.

Linda @ A La Carte

That is just too cute. I would love a little love like that. I have trouble sleeping then sleep too late in the morning. GRRRR it's a vicious cycle.


Kim is my friend, too! (We've met in person and everything...she's such a sweeeeeetie!) I love what she made for you-- and of course, it has a spun cotton head. So perfect for you! I hope you sleep better soon--

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com


Just looking at her makes my eyes droop. Oh well, better my eyes than boobs!


I'm already wearing my PJ's so sleep will be coming soon.


She is so sweet!
Thank you, Laurie!!! Rec'd the snail mail on Saturday.
Love the garland you found at the church sale.
Hope your day went well with all your company.
Deb :)

My Shabby Roses

Oh...that is so miserable! I hate restless nights. Hope you get some good sleep tonight Laurie! Just dream of new crafts to create!


Hi Laurie, such a cute little doll and bed. Adorable!!!
Hopefully you are snoozing away.


Hi Laurie! Here I am posting in the middle of the night. Could I please borrow your doll? How cute and perfect with a spun head for sweet dreams. I wonder if lack of sleep equals creativity. Hmmm, zzzz, off to try again! Have a great week ahead. Elizabeth


Hi Laurie,

Yep, I'm right with you there. Tonight is one of those nights. It's 1:48 a.m. and here I am. lol
That doll is just adorable! Sleep peacefully.



What a sweet idea. That charming doll would be useful for my restless nights, too!

Mimi Sue

I have the same problem. No fun. Maybe I need a little sweet dreams doll too. Mimi

Kim G.

Sweet Dreams my friend! Glad your sleeping idol is working! I just knew she would!! XO

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