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August 11, 2010



Wow that was worth the wait for sure:) Love the towel. I also have a don't use rack.

Mimi Sue

I'm seriously jellin too! Darling little house and dish towel. Lucky you! Mimi

Into Vintage

Good grief -- that little embroidered cottage is the cutest, right down to the little clothesline out back.


I'm so glad you like your Fabulous Mystery Gift! I have to tell you, that little house was a lesson in patience for ME!! Plan A was to create a pincushion rooftop. What you see is Plan E. (I'm not joking!! When I was cleaning up, I counted five rooftops scattered around my crazy workspace!) By Plan E there had been words. There had been duct tape. And yes, there had even been bloodshed. (Darn those new scissors!) In the end, I did see the humor in all that crafty drama, however, I'm so sorry that it's not a pincushion. It would have really added to the "fabulous" in "Fabulous Mystery Gift".

Thank you so much for your patience. It's so fun to see that little towel hanging in the cutest kitchen in all of Portland!



love it all but my fav is that cute little towel..:)


What a great gift - definitely worth the wait!!


Adorable! Jill is such a wonderful person and so talented. You're right - she nailed you!



I'm so "jellin", too! lol! I LOVE that adorable tea towel and the little house!!!


First of all, I loved all the letter P's that you used to begin your entry. Awesome!

The package you got is great! Love that little tea towel! Too bad I don't live closer - I'd offer to teach you needlework stitches (if you actually wanted to learn, that is!). But anyway, enjoy all the goodies!


"J" is for jealous.
"H" is for I'm happy for you.
"C" is for so darn cute I can't stand it.
"D" is for you deserve it for all the joy you bring to your "peeps" (see, I can talk teenage, too)
"B" is for bye,

Linda @ A La Carte

So cute. That little house and the towel. Oh me oh my! Love Love Them!!!


Hi Laurie,
LOVE.....your mystery surprise
gift that you received!! The
little house is so cute and the
embroidered dishtowel is adorable.
You lucky, lucky Lady.
I really like your stove too! : )


Ooh, ah, oh...! Definitely worth the wait...and patience from you both. ;) Cute, cute, cute, Jill!


Oh Laurie! What a fabulous gift this was for you, and what a fantastic stove you have! When I first began blogging, all of my giveaways were mysteries. LOL I have too many posts to host them now, but what fun. Lucky You! I'm off to catch up on previous posts, don't be surprised to see a comment again! Have a great weekend ahead! Elizabeth


Wow..what a cute surprise package!!Well worth the wait!!I do love the little house towel. I can't believe they won't wipe their hands on it..boy you have them trained right! Lol..Mine always say I forgot..;-(

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Kim G.

Lucky duck! Jill is a keeper! Love the embroidery and little house!

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