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September 05, 2010


Elizabeth Holcombe

Of course to get you through the winter, you could make enough bump chenille flowers to fill you house!~~~XXOO, Beth


Wow. That squirrel. Remember me telling you about our family's paper company? Well, we sold those little squirrels. They were one of my favorite things to play with. I haven't seen one in ages! Thanks for the memories, Laurie! - Kathy


Those flowers are really fun. I always wondered what they made with the spun cotton heads back in the day. I like your creations so much more!!

Kathy Uhrig

Love the squirl analogy - it hits the nail right on the head - "squirling" away our treasures for a rainy day!

Linda @ A La Carte

I think the flowers she made are kinda neat in a weird way. Looking forward to your creations and keep
squirreling' away those treasures.

Nancy Jane York

Laurie I have never heard of 'bump chenille'. I would call these chenille pipe cleaners which I have never seen any this lush. What a find and you have your friends helping you out too, lucky girl you.


A chenille mountain - aahhhhh. Do you know I never, ever find that around here? Not even a weensy bit. But I do have a bunny just like that, which I either already dismembered or planned to to harvest his chenille body. Gruesome, isn't it? That's what the bump chenille shortage in the NE has led me to.


oh, my. I had a set of those chenille bump bunnies when I was a kid. i had forgotten all about them. Thanks for bringing back a forgotten memory!

Kathy Groove Cloth

After the day I've had, that bump chenille rabbit holding the carrot brought forth a verbal chuckle - more like a chuck - and for that I am grateful. And what a haul, by the way!

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