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September 14, 2010



I have been looking for some wall art for my playhouse. I can't seem to find anything I like.

The idea of using puzzles would be great. Thanks for the interesting post and idea!Back to the vintage store I go.


The cigar boxes are wonderful! I'll have to go see what Mom has in her basement.
The Indian Elephant is my favorite.
Thanks for another great Tuesday morning, Laurie


I love the children ones:) What a great ideas to use old puzzles.

Mary B.

Laurie, Thanks for showing all of your old puzzles! I also loved the graphics. The children were precious and the dogs were so cute. I liked the idea to put them on a box lid.
Mary B.


I love doing puzzles (but I don't collect old ones....) Mod-podging them to keep and display is a really, really good idea! (And cheaper than paint by number!) Wait - do you have a paint by number collection???


I figured you'd be so busy getting Ben ready to go that blogging would have to wait!! But you persevered. And a Scottie puzzle to boot!


Well....as you might know...I too collect old puzzles. I can't pass them up. The graphics are too cool. Perhaps it is best that we are blog friends and not neighbors as we would have to fight at estate sales over everything! I must say that you have great taste!! :o)

Linda @ A La Carte

You have a great collection of puzzles! Love the one's for children.


I am now in love with puzzles! I too like the ones with the people and animals. I have never seen anything like these. They are wonderful! I have a source for cigar boxes, now to find a puzzle. This was an amazing post. Your creativity knows no limits! Wow! E


Hi Laurie,
Great puzzles and graphics! I am
always in awe over your unique
collections and I also love the
expression on the man on the sled!!!


Laurie, please show your collection
of vintage corsages whether they
be Christmas, Easter, Valentine's
Day, etc.


I love all your collection and i espically love your craft room! COuld you please show me your collection of cats! Thank-you, Nancy

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