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September 21, 2010



Super cute!! Oh I wish they still made those:) Abigails paint box is big to and has all the names of the colors:) You haVE a great collection!


Oh the memories of sitting by my mom as she painted and I had my water colors in their tin tray.

Love this post!!!

Linda @ A La Carte

I would never have thought of collecting these wonderful paint boxes! Gosh reminds me of when I was young!


What I love about your collections is that they bring back long ago memories. I had forgotten about the color appearing when water was applied...fun,fun,fun! Great graphics, too!

Into Vintage

Those Prang boxes definitely remind me of school days but I don't recall if the colors in them were correctly named or not. :-)


I love old paint boxes too and had totally forgot about the books - I loved those as a child.


That's a fun collection! I definitely had that Playtime box as a kid. But I would have wanted the one with correctly named colours, because I was a wee bit obsessive, even as a child.

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com


Ya know, I always loved vintage graphics, but it wasn't until I recently joined the blogging world that I've become a collector of it. See what a BAD influence you are?! HAHA!

Hey! Stop on over and visit. I scored at a Sr. Center Flea Market yesterday and thought of YOU the whole time!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Another neato collection Laurie! I think we all had one of these as a child, didn't we? Sure wish I still had mine! I don't think I've ever seen these at sales, because I know I would have been drawn to the graphics on them. Sure hope to find one someday!


Hi Laurie, I remember the paint
boxes and really loved the magic
painting! They were great!!
Nice collection.


Anita Tinlin

Show me your collection of vintage pincushions! (Please,)

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