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September 04, 2010



ACK! I just fell off my chair. Probably the best hit ever!!!


Oh My Gosh! That's it, I'm moving next door to you! ;]


Laurie! You have made my weekend! One, I can read your shorthand tee-shirt (I have a "thing" for shorthand)and two, it is so much fun watching a Magpie doing what they love best. Collecting! You are the Queen of Bumpy Chenille now! Have a great weekend! Elizabeth


Laurie, I just had to check
in to see what you found today....... goodness gracious Woman, you hit the jackpot on the
bumpy chenille. You look so cute
holding your bumpy chenille bouquet!
Your car is packed with treasures!
I have to ask, do you sneak all this
in past your Husband or does he just
look the other way. I would have
to sneak some of it...... : )



My Shabby Roses

Rock Star access! How cool is that! Glad you had a great time digging through treasures.


Way to go you!!! You must have been in heaven. I am so happy for you and absolutely love the fact that you got to go to the basement. How lucky are you :-} Can't wait to see your posts about all of the crafty goodness you found. Enjoy all of the sorting you get to do.


Wowie!!!!!!! I know I wished you good luck but I didn't know my powers were so strong. lol
I can hardly wait for "show and tell".
PS. I can read shorthand too but it's been so long I thought it was an "L" for Laurie.

mich in mich

can't wait to see what eles is hidden in those boxes.


Lady here in Tx. I do believe you would of been arrested!!Why? I bet you were driving with the windows down hollering yahooo!!!Swerving while you were doing the happy dance..and with a crazed look in your eyes..with the chennile wrapped around your neck..I'm just saying.....
Congratulations!!! lol

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


How fun it must be to dig around in an old basement find piles of craft goodies! Sounds like my kind of day! Love that adorable ducky greeting card box. Did it have the original greeting cards inside? Can't wait to see the rest of your haul! Looks like you found the mother load of craft supplies!




Unbelievable!! That sale was meant for you. Have fun creating!

Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage

Again sitting here seething with green-eyed jealousy (grin). Wow you hit the DREAM kind of sale. We just don't seem to have these kind of estate sales here in MD.


This is like my basement for $1.00 day! Isn't it fun? Kinda like treasure hunting-you never know what you are going to uncover.

Kathy Uhrig

Now THAT's what I call a JACKPOT! I can hardly wait to see the details. Any may I ask, where in the world did you find that great t-shirt??

Linda @ A La Carte

Wow is all I can say! You did hit the mother load of crafty stuff.

Shara @ monkeybox

Shazam! I am in awe. You were certainly the right person to have found all those treasures!


I hear angels singing... yes, the angels of vintage goodness are singing. That find was meant for you! That bumpy chenille is so great-- and in great shape!! Loved looking at all those other goodies too. Congrats on your fantastic finds!!!


Oh, you must be so thrilled that you decided to go to that sale!!! I can just see you down in the basement scrounging around and whimpering in joy!! A vintage crafters dream come true....congratulations,


On my word!!! You hit the jackpot for sure!!! Way to go girl:)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It looks like one more box and you wouldn't have been able to see out the back window! You're going to be one busy girl out in the studio, aren't you?!

Mary B.

I am so excited for you! You got so much. I have never seen that chenille in a long string. Awesome!
Also, it has been years since I heard shorthand mentioned. My Mom taught it in high school for over 30 years. Of course, I took it and still remember a some of it. I love the shirt. What gave you the idea to do the shirt?
Are your Halloween people coming soon?


I cannot wait to see your next post with more peeks into alllll your vintage crafty fun you found!!! You definitely hit the mother-load!! Yay! Congrats!!


That is it Miss Laurie, I can't take it anymore...You may not leave the house anymore! Just kidding. I did score a Santa tree topper in the original box and some great vintage ornaments last Fri. I thought of you when I ran across a great game with cards in it that reminded me of the card on my mermaid from you. A box full of great charade like statements in great vintage colors. Thanks for the days of smiles! BTW I miss shorthand!


:) :) :) :) (me smiling with you) :) :) :) :)

Mary Ann

I don't know where you live, but you find the most amazing estate sales. I'm lucky if I ever find one item at the estate sales around where I live. Oh well, I'll continue to enjoy seeing what you find.


HOLY MOLY!! Did you just back the car right up to the front door and load up?! I am SO impressed. What a haul. And fun, fun, fun!!



Oh my gosh, I disappear for a week & look what you find! I love it--all that swistraw, embellishments, sequins... Hooray!

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