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September 18, 2010



Oh what super finds. I must tell you I took Abigail to a flea market they have in Indiana 2 times a year. I allways give five dollars or so to her to find a trasure. Well she found an old paint set the metal kind and put it back incase she found something else. Well we went back and a lady had it in her hand:( We acted like we were looking keeping an eye on the lady and she finally put it back and Abigail got it:) She was so happy and all the paint colors were still in it:)Such cute pictures on the paint sets.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love your finds. The bowling patches are very cool. I also love going back and seeing what finds I have shared here! Sometimes it makes me say, now where is that??


Another great "Estate Sale Friday". You got lucky with the Scotties - I went to three Flea Markets on Labor day - 2 estate sales last weekend and 1 Flea Market - nary a Scottie to be found. I think I need to commission a spun head Halloween figurine.


I love those rabbits, but they look like they are mad. I've been finding strange things lately, yesterday 2 decks of X rated playing cards and a fertility god.

Shara @ monkeybox

I sold some rabbits like that once - they were part of a vintage professional magic set. it had the coolest things in it and it makes me sad now that I sold it. I did make a few hundred dollars on it though. Money is good too, right?

I'm on the lookout of a neat old Chinese Checker board like that - we just learned how to play and I want a vintage set to put out on the table. I know I will find one someday!


I always buy old bowling patches and use them on Jack's holey jeans. :-)

Maybe that golf stuff is from cake decorating? I looked all over for something like it when we had the golf party last year.

Nancy Jane York

I love those little scotty game pieces the best.


Another great haul! When will you run out of room?? The donkey is a cutie.


Yeah, you're back. Cute scotties and bunny (they are a little scarey though, aren't they?) They donkey will be a nice touch to your room.
Last week a lady gave me 3 huge boxes of boxed shiney brights ornaments. Don't know what I'll do with them, yet. They are a little dirty.
Can't wait to see what you do with the bowling patches...


Oh Laurie, These are the "extras" you hadn't shown us yet as you always show us the "best" stuff first. All of your stuff is so super. Price tags? Bowling Patches? When I now go to antique malls my eyes feel like they are in a pin ball machine. My mind is listing off all of the neat things I now know to look for! My Halloween Witch arrived. The greatest compliment ever from my husband, "I don't mind you buying her "stuff", I like it, too." LOL I LOVE your STUFF! E Have a great week ahead!


I finally found some vintage glitter today!!! SQUEAL!!! The little dogs...are they magnets? My papa used to have them and would let us play with them. He would make one chase the other or make it spin around and chase....LOVED THEM.


You made some fantastic finds! The little donkey is so cute. I'm glad you're giving him a home. And the Scotty dogs are too sweet.
I think you hit the jackpot!
Patricia :o)

Mary B.

It was so much fun to look at your treasures. I saw the puppy puzzle and loved the Christmas things. Tulsa (Oklahoma) was very close to where I grew up about that time on the patch. I also loved those push pins.
I tried all summer to find a vintage pencil box. I saw a couple of vintage paint boxes similar to yours. Now I wish I had gotten one of those. I will know next time!
After July 4 I decorate with vintage school decor in my dining room. (I am a teacher.) I love those old things.
Thanks for showing your great finds! Mary B.


I love those rabbits and the Scotty dogs are too cute! And of course I love the vintage Christmas goodies, too!


Fun finds. I remember playing with a chinese checker game when I was a kid.

Shelley Germann

Love the Chinese Checkers tin...I'm assuming it's a tin. It looks just like the one I used to play at my great grandmother's. To find one has been on my wishlist for a little while. I can't believe it will be too hard to find.

BTW - My package arrived on Saturday. Love the Etsy goodies. Kenna was very happy, too!!!


Man you have some amazing sales where you are! There are never any estate sales with this kind of stuff here. Or if there is, I cannot find them!

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