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September 25, 2010



Fun! Fun! Fun! Love those paper lanterns!


Oh, the squirrels...another of my collections :)


Girl, you just live a charmed life!!


OMGoodness! You did good girl.
It's been a while since I hit it big like that.
Enjoy your Sunday,


Hey Magpie!

Do you travel far to these estate sales? I never find any where I live so for me, it's usually thrift stores and occasional yard sale.

Love the honeycomb snowman!



The two ornaments (purple and gold) above the oranges ones are beautiful. 3 months until Christmas!!!

But the squirrels are just too cute!!


Miss Laurie, These are fantastic finds. I have yet to run across such great craft goodies, but the Christmas goodness has been plentiful lately...I can hardly wait. Big smiles this week, your daughters room looks great, my daughter loved the pics...Smiles from Kansas, Renee

Kathy Uhrig

This was a fun post to read! I, too, have a bird tree that I put up in my kitchen every Christmas and it is my favorite tree. I don't really enjoy the big one in the living room all that much because it makes the room feel so cramped but I always hate to put away the little one in the kitchen at the end of the season. Thank you for sharing!

Mary B.

Hi, Laurie, You did so well. I like the paintbox and the horse puzzle. I love the Christmas glass strands, and I loved the Halloween clicker you showed last week. I do believe you live in the fertile valley of estate land. Thanks for sharing! Mary B.

Linda @ A La Carte

Laurie you found some really good finds. Love the squirrels someone is a lucky friend!

Into Vintage

I think it's so funny someone used their Dymo label maker to put a 'Merry Christmas' label on that ornament - maybe the label-maker was a Christmas gift that year. Cute little pink cowboy candle-holder. *sigh* Another day, another amazing Ethel score!!


Squirrel on the right looks a little worried about squirrel on the left. Maybe because squirrel on the left enjoys annoying squirrel on the right?


Hi Laurie,

Wow, you find the coolest stuff. I never see stuff like this at the sales I go to. We had a townwide garage sale this past weekend, and it was mostly toys, and baby stuff.


Laurie, It is just amazing what you find in one day! I think all of the vintage squirrel awayers live in your state! Have a great week. Elizabeth


It's a great thing that you are the most organized person in the world - otherwise there would be no place to put this fantastic haul!!

elma riedstra

Wow!! What fantastic treasures! You find the neatest things. Love the squirrels:)

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