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September 08, 2010



Love the little heads with the outfits!! What are you going to do with those?? Such neat treasures!!


Wow! Good stuff. I love the little fruits. It's fun to pretend you're a giant eating a tiny banana.
Those large sequins are for knitted/crocheted hats. My aunt used to make them. I think they were called bangles. "Unfortunately" LOL, she never made one for me. If she had, I would have donated it to you and you would have taken a goofy picture of yourself in it. I say that lovingly, Janet


I am so incredibly jealous...but I know that they are better off in your crafty hands than in mine. I don't know where you are going to put all of these, but I am so glad that you share in all this greatness on the blog and in the store. Green with envy in Kansas...Renee...waiting patiently for Thursday on etsy


Well, I'm pretty disappointed that Wilda used styrofoam heads, but other than that, she pretty much rocked. Whatever did she do with all of that? (Other than save it for the next generation?)

Kim G.

That gal died and YOU went to heaven!! Craft heaven! Love the flowers!


You found crafter's heaven! I love the spun heads, glitter and mushrooms!

Shelley Germann

Wow! To call this a haul is a huge understatement! Those boxes of pipe cleaners really got me, just amazing.


I got nothin'. I'm all outta comments for all of the cool stuff that you find. Jezzzz!


Glitter? All that good stuff AND glitter too? In cute little jars???? Man oh man! Definitely the haul of the year!


Wow, again! BTW, the little angels with the styro heads are from a pattern in a 1960's Sunset magazine book...

Linda @ A La Carte

I think this was the best crafty estate sale ever! You really got some great things!!!!!!!

Into Vintage

I always learn something here. I never knew there was a vintage head pecking order but now I know spun trumps styrofoam. I also can't imagine using that last sentence anywhere but here. :-)


Whew!! What a haul!! I especially like bells and am always looking for unique ones.

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com



Hi Laurie, You have a mini craft
store developing! : ) Oh those
packages of chenille stems look
like hundreds in the pics.
You will create wonders with all
of your goodies.

Mitzi Curi

Those craft supplies couldn't have found a better home than yours! I'm sure the previous owner is looking down and smiling....

Kathy Uhrig

Oh.My.Gosh. The reveal just keeps coming! I am green. Those little mushrooms and stamens are just too cool. I don't know how any estate sale going forward will ever live up to this but I would bet money this one will keep you searching. I sure know it inspires me! Thank you for sharing. Enjoying it vicariously is almost as good as finding it myself.

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