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September 06, 2010



OH so many that I love!! I so hope I don't forget:) I just put mine out from last year!!


Laurie, your creativeness never ceases to amaze me.

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

You are ever so very talented!


too cute!!!
deb :)

Linda @ A La Carte

I will be there! I am so in love with some of these creations! no early sales?? tee hee.....


These are all sooooooo cute!
I love the way your mind works. You find ways to use stuff I would toss out! I think they all look best when they are all together. They compliment each other so nicely.
When are you going to write a how-to-book? I want the first copy!

Mimi Sue

So adorable. I'll try to check in on Thursday. Mimi


...just a 'silly~mindless' question that I always think of when I see your creations... are the spools that your lovelies are posed on still full/semi-full of ribbon (as the seem) or do you make use of the ribbon and just leave a round or two for effect??


This post is like an aerobic workout for my heart! It is beating so fast to see all of these wonderful creations. I'm giggling at the bumpy chenille on the cute candle holders imagining you sorting through your stash! Thursday 8pm, BE THERE!

Carol T.

Can't wait for Thursday evening. I have my favorites picked out and I hope I am lucky enough to get at least one of them!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

They're so cute!!!!

I see you've been busy while I've been gone!

Congrats on your estate finds!


Nancy Jane York

I'll be there and I see it's going to be hard to pick !

Paula Clare

I want! I NEED! I NEED! I just love your owl-y medallions and your boney skeletons! SO CUTE! I will be there as soon as the goods are posted!


Look at the frenzy you've created here! haha! I don't have any of your creations yet, so i hope there are some left when i get on etsy! :)

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