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September 09, 2010


Carol T.

I just put a note on my kitchen cupboard to remind me to be at the computer at 8:00 p.m. (eastern time).

Vintage Christine

7 pm for me down in Mississippi! For some reason I thought you had already posted your 'ween stuff and when I went to your shop just now I was kinda distraught and thought everything had been boughten up! BTW, did you ever do anything with that Oriental spunhead? I've been really bad about following blogs now that I have that beach place to loll around in!

Linda @ A La Carte

I'm ready and will be there at 8PM Easter time also!! My fingers are itchin to shop!!


HERE I AM! WAITING FOR 8:00PM MY TIME! I am mad about these Lodge Ribbons. I definitely hope to put one in my basket tonight! Laurie, for all the wonderful antiques here in Ohio, I have never, ever, ever, seen any of the wonderful trims that you find so frequently. We have pottery, you have chenille! What's up with that! Fun beaded flower post (I'm killing time) I also love the safety pin ornaments. Do you have a collection of those? 15 TO GO.... Have a wonderful weekend! All success to you! Elizabeth


Holy Smokes! My, but you have greedy little fans. I went to check out what you had listed for Halloween --- 10 minutes late. By then half were gone and while I'm deciding which one of 3 I like best - pow, they're gone.


yay! I got something! haha! Love your work :)


I love "Evil Cackle".

Sherman Unkefer

Oh no, I hope there's still something left! I love "Evil Cackle" too Lynn!

Mary B.

Oh my goodness! There one minute and gone the next! I agree with another comment that while I was deciding on two items, poof, they were both gone! I don't even remember seeing a couple; they went so quickly. I am fairly new to your blog and didn't realize. I know now!! Decisions made ahead of time and fast "clicker" finger!
They were all wonderful. Mary B.


Evil Cackle made me happily giggle. The witch hats are just the perfect touch. (Earmuffs for Christmas? Or Santa hats?)

Julie Campbell

Love your badges, Laurie! You're so darn creative! Thanks for the Halloween inspiration!



Hi Laurie, You had a very fun
Haunting Etsy and I'm soooo glad
that I was able to purchase as
I had a prior engagement scheduled
for that time, but,......lucky for
me it changed! : ) Everything is
hauntingly wonderful. Have a good

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