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September 15, 2010



Yaaaaaa for you!! I just love them!!

Kathy Uhrig

Plastic flowers?? Oh man, how did I miss that one?? I love old plastic artificial flowers. How sick is that, but hey, somebody's gotta love 'em, right.

Linda @ A La Carte

Love your flower picks and for FrEe!!


Awesome find..and free..it doesn't get much better than that!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


I have run across quite a few of these lately but I am stumped as to what to do with them. Got my Halloween creations in the mail today and love them from packaging all the way to the note card! Thanks for the treasures...Swimming in the rain in Kansas...Renee

Nancy Jane York

How neat !! And I love your vintage puzzles below. By the way my cute little witch came today and I was very surprised she was larger than I thought. Boy do I love her thanks so much Laurie I'm so glad I grabbed the last remaining one. Nan

Carol T.

Laurie ~ I wanted to let you know my Halloween girls arrived safely today. Both are adorable. The little slit paper basket thing (with the wire handle and "boo to you" label) hangs perfectly from the black witches arm. I don't think that was in the picture here on Etsy, but it is a perfect accessory for her!



Free? Lucky girl! I love vintage mercury glass picks! You have such a pretty collection of them!


I think these are one of my favorite craft supplies (right up there with spun heads, anyway!) That's quite the stash!


Free - the best price of all!!

I thought of you this past weekend as we visited friends in Raleigh, NC and I got to go to two estate sales and an auction. I enjoyed them both tremendously.

Into Vintage

Nice! I imagine 'free' takes the sting out of 'dud' -- at least enough so to make you skip. :-)


Hi Laurie,
Oh how I love mercury beads!!
What a great find and deal for you!
I have to agree with the comment
that Barbara made, mercury beads
and spun cotton heads are favorites,
along with with vintage chenille
anything, oh...and of course stickers. : )

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