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September 19, 2010



What a big day, I feel for you! That day will be here for me before I know it. And I fear I won't handle it as gracefully as you...

And I would have been teary too if my child was going to be a Beaver...GO DUCKS! :o)


Oh Laurie,
I am so happy and so sad for you. May your little bird be safe and happy.


It is hard,isn't it? I thought I had handled it all until my two girls, who, besides being sisters, are also are best friends, walked hand-in-hand to the car,just like they did when they were little, to say their goodbyes. It gets better. Hang in there.


Hi Laurie, oh....I feel bad that
you feel bad right now so I'm
sending you lot's of comforting
hugs!!!! Is the college very far
away from you? It will all be ok.
((Many Hugs)),


It is so hard. But it does get better...eventually. It is exciting to see them make their way in the world. The good outweighs the sad.


(((Laurie))) Sometimes this mothering gig is for the birds, isn't it? :-)


Oh, Laurie. My only child moved into her own apartment in March. She's only 25 minutes away but I know how you feel. I do. It's the best thing and the saddest thing. All emotions at this part of the game are up for grabs! Take care. I could come for coffee if you want. :o)

Big hugs to you. - Kathy


Hi Laurie! Wow, that's got to be really hard. I'm hoping my boys will live at home while they go to college since we have some great ones nearby. Thankfully, it'll be a while before I have to worry about that.
Hugs from one mama to another,


OH that is soooo hard!! Our hearts just don't do well when our children leave. I know I will be sooo sad when all my kids leave but I am thankful that won't be for a loooooong time.

Into Vintage

Love your little birdies photo -- it tells the story perfectly.

Carol T.

Laurie ~ Any time you need a shoulder to cry on, send me a note. I'm right there with you. Even though it's been three weeks since we took Megan to school, I still can't believe she's not here with me every day and that this has really happened - that she's really gone off to college. I will say though that I have handled her departure the best out of all three of them even though I miss her more than I did my boys when they went away. Don't tell them I said that! I just miss having a girl around the house to keep me company and have girl talk with and to go shopping with, etc!

Kim G.

Hey you! Chin up girl, he's not too far away and one day he's likely to move back! That's what usually happens! At least it is your busy season and you can get your craft on to keep your mind off missing your boy! Maybe you can just turn your attention to spoiling Kate with girlie things like manicures, movies and shopping, good for her, good for you. Chin up girl! If I lived closer I would just bring you Strauss and you could have him to cuddle on. XO.


Oh man that is so hard when one of your kids leave home, my 2 are gone and it took me forever to adjust. Life goes on though and now I have 5 grandchildren.


Hi Laurie,

I wouldn't know. Mine is 27 and STILL living at home. I think I made that nest a little TOO comfortable.


Both of my sons "bomeranged" back home a few times over the years so eventually I became an old hand at it, but the first time my youngest left I puddled up every time I thought about his smile for the first 3 days. It will get easier!
BTW... my young man with the pretty smile also attended OSU.


Well as fast as this year has "flew" by, he will be home on break with lots of dirty clothes before you know it.
Mom remember he loves you and when he is hungry, sick or low on money he will call home!


The visits home are all the more sweet because of the missing. Here's looking forward to your first! E


Hi Laurie,
How wonderful that you will miss him instead of being glad he is leaving!!! I remember when I left for college, it was much harder on my mom than me. It must be difficult to watch him go,


Looks like alot of us are in the same boat as you :( My baby girl left for college several weeks ago too. I'm dealing with the empty nest thing too :(


Good luck, Ben! He's going to do great. :)


I am right behind you,our eldest will be leaving in another year,boo.I am dreading it,he and I are great buddies.Hopefully he will stay with going to PSU and living at home.
But I do say this GO BEAVERS! We are believers here at our house.Corvallis is a great town.
This is my first time commenting here and I love seeing all of your goodies.I don't have room for the horde you have so I live my dreams through you.
In your collections do you have any of the luster made in Japan bird S&P's? I have a whole flock of them along with some of the Bird shaped sugar bowls.


By now I hope you are receiving many calls and texts from the college bound son to cheer you. My girls are at school on opposite sides of the country with me in the middle. After 3 yrs. I still cry sometimes after I hang up the phone after talking to them. Then I pull on my Mom panties (cause the big girl ones aren't big enough) and remind myself that this is what I raised them to do. Hey, does that mean I did something right?! You betcha and you raised a fine youngin too!



I so understand! I moved my daughter to college last month, and now she's three hours away from me. I miss her all the time, and our home is so very different w/out her in it.
The good news is, they come home. :)
Hang in there.

Kathy Groove Cloth

Crying is mandatory. Reminds me of a post I did so long ago. http://rubylemons.blogspot.com/2009/09/my-daughter-left-for-her-freshman-year.html

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