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September 22, 2010



I love it! Maya keeps saying when she is 10 (2 more years) she wants to re do her room. It is so sweet you guys could do that together.


How funny-we just painted my daughter's furniture for her room at college the same color as your daughter's bed. She also has milk glass to hold all of her desk items.
I love the way your room turned out. What a fun project!


How funny-we just painted my daughter's furniture for her room at college the same color as your daughter's bed. She also has milk glass to hold all of her desk items.
I love the way your room turned out. What a fun project!

Kathy Uhrig

A chance to do a project together - priceless! The room turned out beautiful, especially that dressing table.
You won't believe it but I have that exact same light fixture on a high shelf in my art room waiting to become something. The glass globe already did - it got spray painted silver and became a gazing ball in the garden.
Thanks for sharing your fun!


You guys did a super duper job with the room. The colors are great and I would like to know the color brand and name for the green bedside table (please). I am redoing my potting shed and that looks like the green I have in my head. All the little touches that you did really make the room something special. Love the lamp shade and the light fixture and, and, and.....


Great job! I love all the fun light fixtures!


I can't tell you how much I love this! I'm showing Carrie when she gets home later on. Are you really blessed with a teenager who doesn't cover the floor of her room with clothes?


What a fun project. I love the look of the white pulls against the green furniture.


how fun! may i ask a ?. i have a couple of pieces of the french provencal and the tops have some sort of laminate or something of the sort. did yours? and if yes, did you use a special paint for the tops? thank you. your daughter's room turned out so pretty. and of course, love, love, love your blog! sharon

birdie blue

It looks absolutely darling, Laurie. I love the vintage mixed with a modern/updated vibe. What a difference. Your daughter must love it. I know mine would.



It looks so lovely! She must love her new space.



I have been waiting on this post!

It was everything I thought it would be: colorful, beautiful, full of whimsy, a young woman's dream.

Love it Kate!!!

Tamera Wolfe

LOVE it!!!
When my Julie was still at home she painted her room about once a year..it was lilac, pink, blue and finally aqua. White curtains and bedspread allowed her to change it up!


Looks great! It is fun working on a project with an almost adult child. I remember fondly working on wallpapering my son's bathroom (about 20 years ago). We were listening to "Watership Down" on tape and talking while we worked. Good memory.

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

LOVE IT! Tell Kate she's got a very mature taste! I love how you two worked on it together. That's the best part of all. She is truly her mother's daughter!

Ok this post is actually choking me up. Where's my tissues?


Kim G.

FABULOUS!!! Love the fabric embroidery hoops, painted furniture, medicine chest, light fixture...all of it...just FABULOUS!! Come do my room next!!

Into Vintage

Love it! I agree with birdieblue about the 'vintage mixed with a modern/updated vibe.' Great job, especially with the painted furniture -- really like the color choices. And all the cute details like the potholder as a coaster.

I think I need to paint something now.

Nancy Jane York

Wow what a change. I think someone is taking after their Mom as they grow up. Doesn't paint just change everything. Can you come over and help me decorate my craft room ???


Love love love your colors,that bedroom looks so sweet. I like the fact that you spray painted your hardware, what a fun project for you and your daughter. Thanks for sharing.

Mimi Sue

How adorable! I love that wallpaper too. So fun to work on it together. Make a few memories cause they sure grow up too fast. Mimi


Hi Laurie,
LOVE it!! LOVE it!! How wonderful
that you did it together and I
really like the vintage vanity, it
is one of my favorite colors too!


I just have to add along with everyone's comments how wonderful this room turned out. Oh how I wished I knew how to decorate. This room could be a magazine cover! Congratulations! Happy weekend ahead! E

Sadie Lou

I think you are so lucky to have a daughter that appreciates your ecclectic, vintage style! My 11 year old daughter loves it too. It's fun to decorate her room the way I would decorate mine (if I didn't have a man that lives in it too)
I love the hoops of fabric-great idea!!
Can I share this on my blog?


What a charming room for your daughter...I love it..I think the fabric idea is amazing...clever you!

That green is very vintage...beautiful!

Thank you for sharing .....and thanks for you sweet comments you left me the other day about my daugher who is off to college.

I took her to the airport ...came home and just sat in her room for a while...then cleaned it up spotless..xoxox

Happy weekend...I adore your blog. xoxo


Fabulous make over!! I love the colors and all of the details. Come make over my room now, lol.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Kate has great taste! I bet you two gals had a great time creating this room. I especially love all of the vintage touches. And I see by looking at her bulletin board that Kate has a bad case of Bieber Fever!

elma riedstra

Love the way the room turned out!! You guys did a beautiful job!! Love the colors:) Sooo funny I just bought the same white comforter at target for Abigail:)Love all the vintage treasures to:)


Oh, this room is perfect -tell Kate I just love her color choices. Everything comes together so well to make it a very cozy room to spend time in. This is a wonderful makeover!!!!

Mitzi Curi

You girls did a fabulous job decorating the room! The best part is that the eclectic decor doesn't look matchy-matchy like many bedrooms do. The wall decor is wonderful, and I love the ceiling fixture. Spray paint is one of my best friends....


Your daughter's room turned out fantastic! I love the furniture (we have the same furniture) painted green, it really pops and gives it a great vintage modern feel.
The light fixture looks fantastic painted aqua, and I love the medicine cabinet being used to hold jewelry!
I'm sure she will be very happy in there!


We're doing a redo of my daughter's bedroom this summer too...her's turned out great!

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