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September 29, 2010



The egg crate is wonderful. Imagine living somewhere where you couldn't raise chickens and then the mailman delivers two dozen fresh eggs. It must have been wonderful. Eggs for breakfast, yum. It doesn't look like you can read the label -- would be fun to know the "to" and "from".
I've never seen those two chickens before -- very cute.
Thanks for sharing


Giggling here! I stood in line at the post office yesterday behind a man mailing tomatoes! He could have used something like this. They were just in a little shoebox! Priceless item you have found. Thanks for sharing! Elizabeth


This is a great item for Easter - I haven't seen one of these in a long time!!

Into Vintage

I think it would be fun to test it -- mail some eggs to a friend and see what happens. Not sure if modern day postal workers would know what this is -- I sure didn't! :-)
PS I have friends who are orchardists and they send cherries to family -- loose in Priority Mail boxes. Sounds like it could get messy.


I can imagine just how "egg-cited" you were to find this!
Leave it to you to find something most of the world has never seen!


That's wild!! I'm telling you...fun just follows you around!


Very cool! I too, have never thought to mail eggs! Fun find!


That egg mailer is AWESOME, I have never seen or heard of one. It was great to get a look. Can't wait to see what you have in mind for Easter.


I love it! That is the coolest find!



Just when you think you've seen it all, along you come with an egg mailer!! Love the roosters too. By the way...your grandma must been a hoot. She's got that Star Wars hairdo going on!


Hi Laurie,
I also have never heard of or seen
one until now!! I would not even
think you could mail eggs via
USPS but with this handy mailer...
you can! : ) Verrrry interesting...
and fun.


how charming...

Mimi Sue

You always find the coolest things! Mimi

Mitzi Curi

That egg mailer is a great find. I'm glad we don't live in the same town, otherwise there would be trouble!


I love this, too! I found some old egg cartons this weekend that I absolutely love, but this beats all. (And those witch candy containers - wow!)


That's so neat! And what a unique display piece. I FINALLY got out to the thrift this weekend and found a few things (mostly fabric and some craft supplies) but I also picked up a neat old corkscrew for $1. I looked it up on Ebay and it sold for almost $200! Love those kind of finds though I'll probably keep my fun corkscrew. :)


Wow what an amazing find! I've never seen one like it! And having grown up on a farm I could tell you that my best guess is that they didn't use that to mail just any old eggs (those you could buy at the store). I could be wrong, but they probably mailed fertilized eggs that you then incubated and hatched out so you could enlarge the gene pool of your flock or perhaps acquire different breeds of chickens.
Believe it or not people still use the US Postal Service to deliver fertilized eggs and even live baby chicks! You can buy baby chicks online and have them delivered to your door! Imagine how safe they'd be in your nifty container! :)

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