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October 12, 2010


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I have a bunch of those from Indiana Beach! It's a nice collection that probably takes up the least amount of room in the house!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I forgot to say to have a great time in Kansas, and I hope you find lots of goodies!

Vintage Christine

My sister collects those and amazingly I don't! Hope you have a fun time in Kansas (Kansas???) and bring home lots of goodies!

Into Vintage

Where have I been that I've never heard of a pressed penny? Have a wonderful trip - I am already excited to see what you find out there. I hope you enjoy every minute of it and then report back. :-)


Fun collection! Please have a safe trip. I would love to be able to take a road trip for junk. If you get good weather it should be beautiful. Hope you find an estate sale on Friday!! Looking forward to your posts upon return,(and while gone)

Linda @ A La Carte

Now that is a cool collection! I never thought of collecting those but what a fun thing to do with kids! Enjoy your vacation!!

Nancy Jane York

Wow what a collection you have there Laurie. Well you have a fantastic trip. Will look forward to your posts again and the Halloween ones. Take Care Nan


Everywhere I go, I keep an eye out for a squished penny machine - doesn't take up much room and won't break the bank.


Have a safe and wonderful trip. I'm jealous you get to "junk" some new territory and I can hardly wait to see what treasures you discover!


Hi Laurie,
I don't have 87 pressed pennies,
but I do have one. lol! It is
from the Jelly Belly jelly bean
factory!! The pennies look nice
in the sweet glazed yellow bowl.
Thank you for setting up some posts to see while you are away. You
will be missed a lot...
Safe, Happy Trails.


Have fun and be safe.


Fun collection! Hope you have a fun vacation!


Have fun with your mom!! Travel safe, find some fun stuff to share and enjoy yourselves.


Laurie! Did you know that Alyssa Milano names you as one of her top 10 favorite blogs? I am having trouble getting my blog reader to identify typepad and did a search to find your blog. I couldn't believe my eyes! How amazing! I've missed so many posts trying to figure out what is up with my blog list; so I am off to happily get lost in your vintage treasures! Elizabeth


We started collecting those when my daughter was old enough to turn the press. We have one of those books, but can never seem to find it. I feel relieved to know I can just throw them in a bowl and it's still a collection (besides, the book is really ugly). Now - where did we put those...... enjoy your vacay.

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