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October 26, 2010


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What a charming pincushion that is! They just don't make things this cute anymore. Those straw boxes are so great too. Children love 'em!


You always find the most fun items!! Guess I would have drooled at all of the Scottie items!


Glad you are home safe and sound. I thought the first set of straws was super until I saw the pincusion. OMG, that is a super duper find. I don't ever remember seeing anything like that and I was a kid in 1964.

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

It's so funny how you always come across old straws. I've never seen them!

You know what those graphics remind me of on the second box? Do you remember when we were kids, the Quaker oatmeal individual packages would have little cartoons on them? I used to love to read them. One, for example, would have a child covered in snow who had just come from outside. He'd be holding a hot bowl of oatmeal with a saying below about it warms your tummy. They were very simple cartoons, but I loved them. And since about 8-10 came to a box, each package had a different cartoon.

Remember they also used to have prizes in cereal boxes? Now they cost more, give you less, and no prize!

Into Vintage

Wow - I am *loving* that pincushion. It's so neat to see something unique -- I've never seen anything like it before. Really great score, Ethel!


That pincushion beats all - I've never seen anything like that!


Hi Laurie,
Welcome back and so glad that you
are safe and sound. :)
I can't wait to read more about
your trip and what an adorable
pincushion!! I see that it is
from Essex VT., which is about
2-3 hrs. from me. The Vermont
Toy Farm has some great history.
They made dollygrams for Western
Union. Cute straws and I also
love your last Halloween post!
I'm drooling over those cute
plastic witch candy containers.


Love those straws. Especially, I love that pincushion!! It's adorable. Glad you had a good trip. More pictures, please. ;o)



This post reminds me of the book I'm reading now: Water For Elephants. I love carnival and circus art!


Ack! I love that pin cushion! I have a small collection of those myself. :) What a kind! I have that box of straws (my only box) and think of you every time I see it. :) Looks like you had a fabulous road trip!

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