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October 29, 2010



I have one of those plastic reindeers myself. Aren't they just the cutest? Love your blog...visit you everyday.


Oh, the Santa picture! I don't think I've ever found one. This one is really sweet.
May we please see your collection of Christmas card boxes?


Penny is TOO cute. Yes, love that expression. Please do show us your collection of Christmas Card Boxes. I don't think I've ever seen one before. Good to have you back!


I've never heard of Penny Pineapple! How fabulously kitschy she is!


As always you astound me! Great finds. The little Christmas tree picks are my fav.....never have seen those. Happy Halloween,

birdie blue

love the little christmas 'putz'-style houses. the vintage christmas list box is darling, too. would love to see your collection, pretty please? maybe with a little sugar on top?



I love your Christmas finds~ I'm already getting excited to pull the Christmas stuff out! I just can't help myself!


What wonderful holiday things!! I love those "fruit kids". You're right, there are 6. There are large and small chalk figures, condiment jars, and I've seen fabric. Stella Strawberry and Albert Apple are made in cookie jars. There's no telling what all has their images, but so little is known about them.


Hi Laurie, Ohhhhhhh I knew that
the spun cotton heads would be
calling to you to take them home!
LOVE those stickers and what cute
little bottle brush tree picks.
You found great treasures!!! I
love all of your new found Halloween
goodies too. What a fantastic trip
for you and your Mom. Have a
wonderful Halloween weekend.

Linda @ A La Carte

Great finds! I was so glad when you opened up that Santa Photo it wasn't me! I have that same folder with a not so happy Little Linda!!

Nancy Jane York

A home for all spun heads, that's what our Laurie gives !!
I adore the plastic reindeer and didn't I see you having some awhile back decorated for Christmas you'll be selling in your shop? I hope so I want one.


What fun! I am glad that you had a good trip. Aren't auctions fun?
Happy Halloween!


I'm asking very nicely. Can I see your Christmas card tins? Pretty please?


You hit the treasure box my friend...LOVE all the fun vintage Christmas ....enjoy!



It's hard to choose a favorite among these treasures, but I am charmed by the Santa photo. Miracle on 34th Street for sure! Thanks for sharing! E

Kim G.

Love the houses! Penny Pineapple really is sweet, how funny, only you would have a Penny Pineapple plaque! Great finds. Can't get over five bucks for the houses in their original box!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Laurie, would you pretty please show the Christmas list box collection?! I love everything you found, especially Penny Pineapple!

lara jane

aaah! I have all of the chalkware fruit kids but none of the plaques, and yours are unlike the other examples I've seen in my online searches! You lucky duck!

They were indeed made in 1942, by the Pitman-Dreitzer company ("Pee Dee"), and they are sometimes marked FKR or have Carlton Ware stickers. They made figures in two sizes, bookends, cookie and condiment jars, and I don't know what else, because I'm still surprised by your adorable plaques! Penny and Lee have a sister, Stella Strawberry, and three brothers, Albert Apple, Billy Banana, and Charlie Cherry.

Kathy Groove Cloth

Hmmm... that good luck bird looks familiar... where have I seen him before...

And my guess on what those dapper, top-hatted rabbits were holding? How about a bouquet of flowers? They look like they have courting on their minds.

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