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November 16, 2010



I love the guy with the top hat. I have a set of Chinese guys that look similiar to him... very plain clothes but with those beautiful detailed faces.


Thank you for indulging my curiosity! (I'll think of something else, honest!)


GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS - what an imagination you have Ms Magpie.


Mary B.

I enjoy seeing all of your collections. Do you have a collection of dolls? That is one of my favorites. IF you do, I would love to see them. Thanks in advance.
Mary B.

Mary B.

Well, just as I clicked to "post" the other comment, I thought of another collection. Do you have a collection of Thanksgiving things? I would love to see that.
Mary B.


What a great way to repurpose the "orphans"!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Do you have any lady headvases? I collect them and would love to see any you may have.


Linda @ A La Carte

I have a large collection of 'orphans' and have thought about making a few of them into tassels. Your collections are so much fun.

elma riedstra

WhaT A fun post!! So glad that you are saving the orphans!! Do you have any bakelite napkin rings? I have a bunch and they come in fun shapes and colors:) I hope I did not ask that allready.


Loving it all, Ms. Laurie...How about Christmas trees and greeting cards/gift wrap. I know you love those graphic images! I must admit your house must have more nooks and crannies to fill with all these goodies than I could ever imagine...Smiles from Kansas, Renee


Amazing - what a fantastic idea for the lone shakers - they look wonderful as tassels...but do they still have salt or pepper in them? I've been toying around with starting a collection (a few people have given me some for various reasons), but I had a crazy Aunt Ethel that had a huge collection (along with dozens of cats and a hairy mole on her chin), so I'm just a bit scared to start morphing into her just yet. I'm still considering. Thanks for sharing.


Hi laurie, LOVE the shakers
and especially that sweet elephant.
He has such a cute face and great
Please show your collection of
matchbooks, or floaty pens or
Howard Holt pieces. ( I may have
asked about the Howard Holt already)


In one of your blog entries, you mentioned liking something so much that it was a keeper and would go in your 'cabinet of curiosities'. Have you done an entry on that, and I have just missed it? I always love to see other people's 'cabinets of curiosities, or 'memory cabinets'. Always such interesting collections and displays! Thank you. Christine

Kathy Groove Cloth

OK, one more and I GOTTA get to work! I wanted to get to today's date (what year is it? Oh my gosh!) SIX years ago (I still have SIX years to catch up on!?!).

Nice collection and good ideas for the lone shaker. Well, when my grandmother died in the 70s, I was a tween and my big sister inherited a couple diamond rings, but I inherited her salt and pepper collection. Ha! I think I was often caught looking at them when we visited. My favorites of course - anthropomorphic animals and fruit.

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