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November 23, 2010


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've got a small colony of pilgrims over here, and just enough turkeys so that they won't go hungry! Happy Thanksgiving dearie, and gobble, gobble!


Laurie - you don't know how much I enjoyed seeing the Pilgrim candles - they had slipped my mind. My Grandmother always had them out for Thanksgiving and then they were tucked safely away and replaced with choir children for Christmas. Memories.......


I was remembering that terrifying incident of last year when I saw those menacing honeycomb turkeys. I'm thankful this year that the pilgrims have reinforcements. (Shockingly, other than the candles, our collections do not appear to have much overlap. What?!?)


Hi Laurie, I'm lov'in your
Thanksgiving collections. I've
never seen so many Gurley Pilgrim
candles together along with the
turkeys. I, of course....really
enjoy seeing the spun cotton pilgrims and Indians. : )..oh, and
the cotton turkey too!! GREAT
collection and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Mary B.

Hi, Laurie, I loved seeing all of your vintage Thanksgiving things. I am trying to collect a few things myself, but only have a few. Too bad you can't decorate for Thanksgiving but you do have the best excuse.
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for always sharing your collections. It helps me better remember when I was little.
Mary B.


Who knew there were spun head pilgrims and indians? Only you! The candle collection is quite something, too. Happy Thanksgiving,


I haven't really had much luck in finding vintage Thanksgiving items, so I really enjoyed seeing your collection - spun head pilgrims and Indians no less!

Thought of you yesterday when I got a bagful of vintage gift tags and stickers at a thrift store. A nice assortment of gummed foil stickers was included, so I was happy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Into Vintage

I have to agree with Annette about the pilgrim and Indian spun heads -- who knew? Besides you I mean. And probably Barbara.

I also find those pine cone/cupcake paper turkeys very endearing somehow.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ethel. :-)


Next year Please Pilgrim and Indian spun heads! I'm giggling at your scant Thanksgiving collection. The only turkey in my house is on my table! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family! PS Your package should arrive tomorrow. E

Loretta Houben

I love this post too! Your collections are amazing! I'd love to see your vintage hankie post but the link takes me to another collection.
Where in the world do you store all this stuff??


The turkey candles are my personal favorite.

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