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November 30, 2010


Mitzi Curi

Laurie, you are truly an amazing collector! I enjoy your blog so much, and I feel we have a similar aesthetic and penchant for cheerful reminders of the past.

It cracks me up how pipes were so important 50 to 70 years ago. They show up in just about every depiction of men, just like women were shown wearing aprons, a dress and high heels. Those were the days.....

Nancy Jane York

Laurie I had no idea the beauty of some matchbooks. Thanks for posting. Did you see in my Christmas photo I have some of the reindeer herd? Nan


The Ohio art covers are beautiful. A fun collection for someone who thought they didn't have many......I also like the ashtry you used for display.

elma riedstra

I love this collection. Such cute pictures. I have a small christmas collection of matchbooks:) Can't wait to see you home all done up for Christmas!!!


I love the ones that are all glued together for the scrapbook (??) cover. I have quite an accumulation of matchbooks myself, although none so pretty as yours. I never know what to do with them so they just sit up on the shelf in a couple of big jars. I might have to pull them out tonight and fiddle around. Thanks for the inspiration!

The Funky Junk Sisters

How fun! So happy you shared. Hopefully we will see you at our "Junk Salvation" show in Hillsboro on Feb 5th!

Linda & Dixie


What fun!!


Hi Laurie,
Ohhhh Thank you so much for your
search and this post on your matchbook collection!! : )
I was hoping you had some as I
just love the graphics too. The
Checkered Flag Tavern made me
laugh too. I also, really like
the Christmas and Birthday books.
Your recent glitter purchase is just perfect sitting on top of
your great glitter storage cabinet. It is a fun find.
Hugs & Thank You,


Laurie, I forgot to mention.......
LOVE the aqua ashtray with the
funny saying on the rim!!!!!
I really like the soft glaze to it.
It looks like Hull or McCoy from
the picture.


Into Vintage

You never cease to amaze me.

Who would have thought there were so many amazing matchbooks made - I especially love the one that's a Christmas card with the candle printed on the matches - no wonder no one used it.

BTW - that ashtray is priceless!


I laughed when I saw your collection today, last summer I was at an estate sale buying some matches from the Seattle Worlds Fair when one of the ladies asked me if I collected match books and I told her not really why? she walked over and picked up a box of match books 11 pounds to be exact and said well these were my dads if you want them you can have them. I had to take them home and I spent days going thru the matches and found so many from business's in my home town, some I remembered some before my time, needless to say a new collection started and the rest were sold on Ebay.

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