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November 26, 2010


Nancy Jane York

What a neat find I've never seen anything like this.
Guess what a package arrived today with an extra little red pal in it! Thanks so much how very sweet of you. The reindeer are all lined up in the window sill as we're not moved in our room yet, hope to be in the next week or so then I can arrange my stuff. Nan

Into Vintage

The glitter shrine. :-)

Interesting that the box says you can glitter your own sweater or dresses (not someone else's tho') and there's even that nice little drawing of a gal with a sparkly chest for inspiration. Just in time for New years Eve...

Kathy Uhrig

Glitter glitter everywhere CRACKED ME UP! I had my granddaughter for the last 24 hours and she just left about 2 hours ago. I think glitter is like Easter grass - once it comes into your house you never really get it back out - LOL!


Awesome find - I love the graphics on the box! I have to wonder, though, - how did they figure that glitter is "educational"?


Plus, it's practical AND safe! Who could resist?


I love your glitter, too! And those tins alongside, have we had a challenge on them? Fun post, as ALWAYS! E


You know I love this! I'm drooling all over my keyboard! :] Enjoy your latest find!


Oh, how I love me some goooooood glitter! I love your glitter shrine. I have one too. (Ahem... not as extensive as yours) I think every crafter should have a glitter shrine. We must honor our glitter. Really, what would crafting be like without it?!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Well, I had no idea that you had a shrine to glitter, but I'm not at all surprised! Have you shared your tins for your collection challenge yet? I'm intrigued by the one that looks like it has trees and a path on the side. Under the pink tin. I would LOVE to see your tin collection!


Hi Laurie! Your package was returned to me. I must have the wrong numbers on your address. Will you please e-mail me at elizabeth.andrus@yahoo.com so that I may double check the address. I'm so sorry for the delay! Elizabeth

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