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December 19, 2010



Laurie, I love them. I glittered the nose, tail, hooves, and ears on mine. They have such a cartoon feel to them, innocents and cheer. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!


Your little deer are dear! Very unusual (big surprise). Your previous post of snippets was great. Love all your color and collections. Also noticed a great floral on the wall :>)

Into Vintage

Those three really do stand out from the herd (and it's a pretty colorful and interesting herd!)

I don't think I've ever seen any like those before, especially the big guy with the bunny ears. No surprise they found their way to you. :-)

elma riedstra

Love those deer!!! They are so cute. Glad you are keeping them:)

Debby Messner

You have some cute ones in that herd of yours. They really are sweet. Glad you keep them in sight all year long. Merry Christmas.


You sure have a HUGE collection of sweet little deers. Enjoyed seeing your Christmas decor in the last post.
Merry Christmas!
deb :)

Kathy Uhrig

You have such a way with the deer, it just amazes me. I love your latest "keepers". I'm pretty sure that big guy's mamma was a bunny!


Those bunny ears on that dear are pretty unique!!


Too sweet, I never seem to keep the ones that I find. Always seem to sell them but I love finding them. You have a great collection.


The trio are too adorable...I have a couple that I've picked up that I think I will keep out all year...thanks for sharing...have a honey of a day ~ ;0) xox


Hi Laurie,
I just love the pics of your reindeer herd!! : ) The three
that you are keeping in your
cabinet of curiosities are so
sweet. Any changes to your cabinet
decor other than the deer? I think
that cabinet of yours is so unique.


Loved your collection of deer. I also have a collection although I did not display them this year. Merry Christmas, K

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