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December 07, 2010


Debby Messner

Love the storks. What a fun thing to collect. Elizabeth's work is unbelieveable. Happy Holidays.


Good golly! You even have a collection of storks. I love the little guy Elizabeth made for you but the 8 inch cotton guy is my fav....he has attitude!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Does that big one in your studio peck at you if you slack off?! Another great collection, and I always love seeing Elizabeth's creations. She's amazing, but then so are you!


You never let us down. Great collection! The scale is gorgeous especially with the matching bowl and stork. Fun!


What a fun post! Something completely different.
Elizabeth's work is amazing, you are so lucky!
Thanks for sharing :)

Into Vintage

I do love the simplicity of that safety pin stork although I'm trying to figure out how it was used since it's sharp. Maybe it was stuck in a cake?

BTW - every time I see a picture of your studio, I want to move in and live there.




Cute collection! I have a thing for vintage storks, too! I don't own any but I think they are adorable! They remind me of vintage baby cards. I really love the big one in your studio!


The stork standing on the scale is PERFECT. I love that!


Hi Laurie, oooooooooh.....I
LIKE this collection!!! So glad
that Elizabeth asked to see the
storks. : ) LOVE the sweet delivery
stork that she made. It is so
adorable and I can't get over your
4 foot stork. WOW! What a fun


Magpie and E in the same post...too much! Your talent with found objects and her stitching work well together. I love the 4 foot stork. I would love to see how you managed to get that home! Good stuff again and again...


Storks? I did not know such a thing was even available to collect. (I do not have a single one.) If you collect bathroom swans, I want to see them. I've always thought they would come back in vogue some day - not that I've started the trend, trust me.


Just came across your blog. I am definitely becoming a follower.So unique!

Shelley Germann

Surprise! What a chuckle I got after being gone so long! Imagine...storks! Is there anything this girl doesn't collect? I may have to rack my brain a bit...show me your ??? Something really good, just to see if you have it. I have little doubt that you will come up with something!


You have simply made my day! I just knew you must have a stork collection and mine would find the perfect place with you! Oh my gosh, the store stork is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for such a fun post! Loved every moment of it! Elizabeth

Ter from Vintage Station

You must check out http://collectionaday2010.blogspot.com/ if you are into collections. It is wonderful!!!

Nancy Jane York

I missed this post about the storks. That E she does perfect embroidery work, I can never come even close to her work. She sent me a little pink milkman which I treasurer. Gosh you did have a lot of storks tucked away didn't you!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

What a unique collection! My favorite is the scale.

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