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December 13, 2010



Miss Laurie, I can't even imagine an entire room filled with your creations. Your pages come to life. It would be so fun to see peoples faces. I am so glad you made it through and did so well. Enjoy your holidays!

Lisa W.

How I would LOVE to attend that show ! Your booth looked like a little bit'o Christmas heaven ! Good on ya girl !

Debby Messner

Oh how fun and exhausting for you. 12,000 people, wow, that is crazy. Time for rest. Merry CHristmas.


I'm glad it was so good for you! Merry Christmas!!


I'm sorry I missed this one. It looks like you had some things that you didn't have before. Glad it went well for you and also very glad you can now relax and enjoy the season!!

Into Vintage

So happy to hear your hard work paid off!

I'm grateful to live nearby enough to attend this show and like last year, your booth full of your shiny, sparkly vintage crafts really stood out from all the others -- you are truly a talented original. :-)


You had me at "props". :o)
I love everything about your style!
Merry Christmas!


Only wish I could see it in person! Your big Putz houses (is that a contradiction in terms?)look great! Glad you had a good show - go have a cup of cocoa.


Your booth looks so colorful, happy and fun! I love all your creations. It would be so fun to shop your booth. I'm glad you had a great show!


Wow - you are one well oiled machine. It's amazing how you have all the details figures out. Experience counts. Would love to see you in person some day, and I can only imagine peoples first impression. How can you not be happy looking at all that sparkle. Welcome home - relax.

elma riedstra

Your booth looked amazing!! All that goodness. Oh how I wished I was there. The ornaments wreaths oh my!! So glad you had such a great show. Now you need to rest.


Looks like you had a fantastically fun booth! wish I lived near by, would have loved to have stopped by!
now you can rest a bit and enjoy the holiday season!

Maddie Lumpkin

Oh,I wish I lived close.Your booth looks so fabulous!


Your booth looked totally sparklie-good. Okay, make that great! I must say, you are a great packer. I still hope you get that vintage milk truck someday. I can just see you tootling down the road in one of those, with glitter fying out of the tailpipe!
PS: Get some rest, girlie! You deserve it!

Nancy Jane York

Oh I wish I could have been there I'm sure I would have been a good customer!! I see some of those reindeer relatives there too.


Good golly, Miss Molly!! (well, Laurie but it didn't rhyme) What a show!! Looks wonderful, but you have got to be tired, girl! Amazing. Now, you can get on with your Christmas. ;o)



Hi Laurie,
WOW!!!!!!!! You sure do know
how to pack a car!!! : )
Your displays at the show look
fabulous and I can see how people
would be making a bee-line to your
booth. It's a lot of hard work and
I'm so glad that you had a very
good show. I am truly amazed at
all of the wonderful creations. I
hope you got some rest. : )

Mitzi Curi

I know how much work shows are, but you must be even more exhausted from all of the itty bitty details and small goodies that you sell. Your booth looked magical! I love your use of the little ironing boards on the tables. So clever! If I don't visit you before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday....and get some rest!

Kathy Groove Cloth

That truck? At our house, we call that Tetris packing and I am the Tetris packer. I can't imagine how tired you must be after one of these weekends.

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