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December 02, 2010


Nancy Jane York

Oh my gosh, can't believe this post as I have two dolls almost exactly the same. The one in red is porcelain but is the second one some other material sort of like sawdust? Mine is. I never would have thought to decorate them for Christmas!! The red one is in my craft room and I'm going to try to fix her up and will post if I accomplish the transformation like you did!! The other one resides in a doll trunk out in the Fairy Cottage. Burr it's cold in there these days !! Thanks Laurie


They are so cute!! I love how you repurpose otherwise "pitiful" looking dolls! Great idea!


Those are great!

Miss Rhea

The first one is a Nancy Ann Story Book doll and more valuable if left in her original state, as is the second one. They are BOTH in beautiful condition for their age. They were made in the 1940's and are around 70 years old. The Nancy Ann is called Bisque, but it is actually a strong plaster. The other with a painted plastic face is one of the first 7" plastic dress me dolls, storybook, or gas station dolls. Her face style made her a more expensive one than the type with the moving eyes. Lots of this style were used on Candy boxes. The are really sweet :) Can you tell I collect these sweeties ? lol !!! :) :)


I had some of those Story Book dolls on a shelf above my bed when I was a child. I guess when I was around 13 or so I decided I was too mature for dolls and undressed them all, kept the clothes, and ditched the dolls. I still have the clothes. Those dolls have such a sweet face, but I was never allowed to play with them...they were just for show. I'm sure you won't have any trouble selling her. They're collectibles. Too bad mine went to the landfill.


Hi Laurie, Miss Rhea told you everything I had to say except I hope you put a large price on them. The dolls are adorable now but please check out current values on them before you list.


This made me laugh! I'm not sure why. These turned out so darn cute, and I'm really not a "doll" girl. You come up with the darndest things, Miss Laurie. Love em all. - Kathy

Debby Messner

I thought the blonde doll looked liuke
Nancy's that she just posted. So sweet what you did with them. Love old dolls.


Magpieness abounds!

Mary B.

Laurie, I missed your Etsy sale. I loved that first Santa you posted. Your other people were wonderful, too, but my love is that first Santa. The dolls are cute, too. You made them really festive.


I like the painted-on hair better. I thought that was a Nancy Ann doll - I don't collect them but I've seen them on a lot of blogs!


Laurie, I am a lucky girl to have visited your store after it's opening and still find such treasure! An elf is coming to me for Christmas! I am dragging my husband to the computer when he comes home from his current overseas trip to shop him YOUR magnificent matchbook collection. I can't convince him that he does not need to collect the horrible matchbooks of everyday hotel fair. He has 37 YEARS of matchbooks and not one of them is interesting!!!! Wait till he gets home!!!! Wait, I better be nice, he is giving me an elf! Have a fun weekend! Elizabeth

Into Vintage

Wow - the brunette looks 10 years younger after her makeover! Do me! Do me!


Yeah, I was gonna say do me too!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh if only bad hair days were that simple in real life. Just paint on some hair! These two gals sure look alot happier, and it's more proof of the magic that goes on in that studio of yours!


Hi Laurie, you did a wonderful
re-do of the dolls! I love them.
I have one Nancy Ann doll (bisque)
and she is so sweet. You can
make just about anything...so
special. Yes you can. : )


Love these cuties! Very creative and fun.


My Mom has a bunch of Story book dolls that were hers when she was young. Love their faces.

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