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December 29, 2010



Hi Laurie,
You read my mind for sure! : )
I've been meaning to ask where
you store all of your precious
decorations and Thank you for
pictures. Do you have a large
basement? The plastic containers
are great for storing and I really
enjoyed your little ornament collection and LOVE the flower


With all of the wonderful treasures you have I knew you had to be very organized. My question is, What do you do with the things you gather all year before Christmas?? Do you have an empty bin for "new old stuff"?

Debra West

I am resolved to put mine away in an orderly fashion this year. You and I must love all the holidays! I know I want to decorate for them all! Wish I could find more blo mold other than Christmas and Halloween. I do have Easter, though! Zootsuitmama

Into Vintage

I had a feeling you would be pretty organized in this departmrnt. :-) I was sorting and packing today and I decided my mistake was not deciding what to keep and what to sell as I brought it all home this summer -- just found a couple of boxes of vintage Christmas yard sale loot I had set aside and then forgotten about. :-/


Do you hire out? I have a huge attic just calling your name to come and organize it!

I could pay you in vintage goodies...


Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

It's so fun going through it all and organizing! I find things I didn't even know I had.

Yours is the equivalent to modern-day crafters visiting a mummy's tomb! Filled with all kinds of treasures to discover!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Those floral ornies are so pretty! This is the first year that I'm using those plastic bins instead of tons of cardboard boxes, and I'm loving it. It's giving my family the illusion of neatness, when it's really still utter chaos! But I KNEW you'd be organized!


I love the floral ornaments. And, I admire your organizational skills. I am working on it.
My husband isn't quite ready to give up Christmas yet. I'll give him until Sunday to enjoy the tree. If we don't do it soon, I may have to start dusting it! LOL
Happy New Year, Janet


I think you are the queen of packing! I don't have a fraction of the Christmas stuff you have and it seems like it takes up a ton of space. Maybe it just looks big in my small attic. Uh-huh, that must be it. Love those flower ornaments by the way.

Julie Boyer

You have to be a great organizer! I bet you know where everything is stored too...not like me. When I was putting away my Christmas stuff I found 2 shoe boxes full of beautiful ornaments I forgot I even had. I thought my tree looked different. Haha.
Happy New Year

Carol Tootalian

I dread putting my Christmas stuff away. It will take me about a week. I have so much and every year I say I'm not going to put as much out, but I always seem to still decorate way too much. My snowmen collection will come out next.

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