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January 18, 2011



Cute collection. I had the same lunchbox in elementary school :-)

Mary B.

Laurie, Thank you! I loved seeing all of them. Actually, you have quite a few. I love their little faces.
Another idea is to show your Valentine collection, especially things that aren't cards.
Thanks again! Mary B.


I loved looking at your dolls and think Rosemary must be the first doll ever to have her picture taken with dreadlocks. :-)


I chose that lunchbox every year in elementary school. I didn't like the cartoon character ones that most kids had.


Nice post and it was refreshing to hear someone say they are not really in to dolls. Sometimes it seems like there is an assumption that all women love dolls and stuffed animals. I did play with dolls when I was a child but it skipped me as an adult. Do have to say I love that Kewpie, though, and I can see a little resemblance to your sunglasses picture with the yellow flowers!
I have a collection of exactly 1 doll. I received it as a gift for my first birthday and it is a Buddy Lee dressed as a Railroad Engineer - LOL!

Kim G.

Ok, cupid is my favorite doll of the bunch. Rosemary has some serious dreadlocks. I have a Kewpie doll that my mom says reminds her of me when I was little!Your dolls are a quirky bunch, but a lovely quirky bunch they are!!

Into Vintage

What a great summary: I am the keeper of everything. I might add 'interesting' on the end because you definitely have some amazing things.

That sad little dolly looks a million times better after he was Ethel-ized for Valentine's Day. I think several of us are wondering about Rosemary's ahead-of-her-time hairstyle...?


Nice re-do on the cupid. He's adorable.
The kewpie doll still looks like you! lol


Seeing dolls makes me want to get mine out and play. I have to say that the doll gene runs in my family - my grandmother even worked in a doll museum.


Hi Laurie, I love your sweet doll
collection and your re-do of cupid
is so cute. I'm glad that Rosemary healed ok. I had similar
tug-of-wars with my year younger
brother over other toys!! My dolls
and sweet baby carriages and playpens were passed down to my
younger sister. I did have Barbie,
Midge, Ken and Skipper but I remember having to BEG for them and it took awhile for me to
have one.
Kate's floral shirt is so sweet!


"Show me your collection of monkeys ". I will see what I can do.

I love all your collections or non collections. LOL. It is dangerous looking at your blog because I always think, I need to look for some of those.

Loretta Houben

I loved this post as I collect dolls. My mom wouldn't allow me to have Barbie either! I also had Skipper and Francie. I found your lovely blog from Creative Breathing site while playing with my brand new iPad! The co ours of the photos are amazing. Your blog photos are fantastic.

Kathy Groove Cloth

Sisters. Mine yanked the "growing" hair right out of my Chrissy doll's head the first day I had her.

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