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January 04, 2011


My Blessed Serendipity Life

Love it love it!!!! I have been collecting hankies for a long time but now I just look for valentines, Christmas and state hankies. Love your quilt and pillows you made. Thanks for sharing.


Kim G.

I love the zodiac hankie! We have the smokey hankie framed at our cabin!


I've narrowed down my focus, too - and ballerinas and state hankies usually make the cut. I have bunches I want to sell, but the necessity of ironing usually gets in the way! Yours look lovely all unwrinkled and bright.

elma riedstra

I love the Ballerinas:)

Nancy Jane York

Very nice collection. Now this I have Laurie!! My Mom had a talent for tatting. For gifts she would go to the dime store and purchase a linen hanky then sit and tat a beautiful border on it. I have many of the hankies of hers and also others that I have picked up on Ebay and here and there. They are easy to store and don't take up a lot of room.


For something you don't buy often you cetainly have a good quantity!
Love the Smokey, and Disney and am always drawn to the bright floral ones. For some reason I really like the airplanes even though the colors are not usually my favorite. Another fun collection!!

Into Vintage

No surprise here but I also collect state hankies (and tablecloths). I too had to narrow my hankie focus since they were starting to take over. The Smokey Beak hankie is terrific! Also loving the white yo-yo pillows on your bed. :-)


I never leave home without a hankie in my pocket or my purse - sometimes both. I always, like my Grandmother, keep one in my Bible. And I'm always on the lookout for the illusive Scottie hankie - if you ever see one, you'll know when it needs to go.......

Debby Messner

Love the Disney and Smkey Bear one as well.
Do you have a collection of "teddy bears".

birdie blue

love the hankies, laurie. i regret that i didn't buy that cynthia rowley 'swell' hankie duvet from target. love the pretty one that your mom made draped over the target one, ever so sweet.

i have a few vintage hankies. the girls use them as sheets/bedding for their baby dolls. they also use them as napkins for impromptu dolly picnics.

i hope your new year is off to a rocking start.


I love Smokey. There was a time when a lady wouldn't think of leaving the house without a hankie. My gramma always had hers down the front of her dress(I guess in her bra)


What adorable hankies- love the jailbird dog. Okay, don't know if you collect these or not, but "Show me your collection of vintage bridge tally cards."

Linda @ A La Carte

I love hankies, something about them is just so special. You do have some really unique and very cool one's! Thanks for sharing this collection.


Now you are talking my language. Hankies are one of my collectables. Love the little ballerina one, and of course the Christmas ones. I've got mine all piled together just waiting to get around to the planned project. Unfortunately my daughter grew out of that room before I got around to it, so now I just get to enjoy them. Lovely collection as always.


Hello Laurie, what a nice collection of hankies. I really
like the French scene and state
hankies. I have a small collection
which includes states, valentine
and floral. I too, can remember
my Grandmothers having them in
their purse and I remember my
Mom tying school milk money for me
in small white hankies. I wonder
now where I kept the hankie all
morning before lunch at school?
I was probably in kindergarten
or first grade at the time. : )
Thank you for showing the collection and for the memories.
P.S. Isn't it a Special Day
for you (January 5th) Dear Laurie?

Kathy Uhrig

Love the idea of making them into a quilt but oh my goodness what a lot of work. Your mother is an ambitious woman! A calorie-counter hankie. Now THAT is a novelty!

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk

Oh how I love that hankie coverlet!


Beautiful! This is something I have a nice collection of as well. I think I'll photograph mine this weekend to share. I have a few of those state ones, the same Cali one! I love seeing your collections and that coverlet is just gorgeous!


Hankies, they just make me happy! I have so many (too many bins to count)- I can't resist them! Your collection is lovely.

The Hanky Dress Lady

I am always looking for hankies too. I am amazed at how few repeats I have found.

Kathy Groove Cloth

Those are some spectacular hankies!

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