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January 25, 2011



My spinster (and I mean it in the kindest possible way) Aunts were fantastic Bridge players - I would spend some time with them in the Summer and they would let me play Bridge - I loved it, but for the life of me I can't remember how to play - I imagine it would come back fairly quickly if I were to try.


I hope you have a proper card-table tablecloth in front of you. I am not a tally collector, but those graphics and the typefaces sure are sweet.

elma riedstra

Love the puppies by the washline. Sooo cute. Love your glasses to:)

Lisa W.

That collection is super cute ! I love tally cards too - although I have never been much for playing card games. You are making it look like fun however !


Those dogs are too cute. I love a good tally card. It is like a sweet little greeting card. So glad you found something cute this way. I am wondering what your collection of vintage tins looks like. I have a thing for bread boxes with decals?


Love the real looking dogs and the charming ladies. I remember my parents playing bridge alot! I learned once but don't think I could play now.


Hello Laurie, What a cute collection of Tally cards. I don't
play bridge and admit that I am
a bit card playing challenged. Oh..
except for playing war. : ) : )


P.S. Love your glasses!!!!


All that's missing Laurie is your Lodge Badge and your speech for President! Loved this post, and your photo puts it over the top! E


Love them! And another collie thing! Lucky! I have quite a few sets of bridge tallies myself, I like the graphics as well. :)


I have most of a set of the St. Patrick's Day tallies and they are the best!

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