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February 15, 2011



I second the motion, This is THE most fun blog on the block! When you post about straws, my vote always swings your way! Happy Valentine's Day to you! Elizabeth


The Tweetie-pie candle holders are just the best! Wouldn't they be cute on a cake for Easter or mothers day?


Those little birdie candle holders are just the cutest thing. Love those!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Do you ring that bell when dinner is served?! When our daughter was little, I had one of those cast iron ones on the porch post that I would ring, and she would get so embarrassed!
I agree, a collection is never complete, and those candleholders that Barbara sent you are a great addition to yours!


The little birds are sooo cute. And the bell, adorable! I remember the straws!! That was a long time for the gum to "stick" around!


Love the little birds!!!

Marci Cook

Love all those cute collections Laurie! I know you collect silouhettes, have you shown those yet?


Oh these might be my new favorites! I love that tin, pristine...The birthday birds, so tweet. Bubble gum straws...too fun. Thanks for sharing. These are so great. Smiles, Renee


Hi Laurie, ooooooooh, I like
the additions to your collections,
especially the bluebird bell
and candle holders! I remember
straws with chocolate powder in
them when I was little. Just put
the straw in the glass of milk
and stir! The bubble gum straw
is definitely unique. Just remembered that there were also
strawberry flavored straws. The
straws were paper with either
brown stripes or pink stripes.
Did you ever come across these?


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