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January 02, 2011



That's different!! Maybe you could find out where they were made...and see if the town has any info what they are?
I have done that before..thank goodness there wasn't fireworks in it..lol

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


Happy New Year, Laurie! These crackers are cute - I'd be tempted to open them all, just to see if they're all the same! Do they pop, or are they silent?

Nancy Jane York

I never knew these were such animals as vintage crackers!! Goodness you do find the oddest and oldest things. Nan


Well, the heart is very "charming" to be sure... but it sure doesn't satisfy MY curiosity! On the other hand, they look so wonderful as is, I would hate to see them distroyed after sooo many years.
Stay warm, Janet

Into Vintage

I'm afraid I'd have picked them all open by now...or maybe just one more. Maybe some are stuffed with cash! (my glass is half full today, no?!) :-)

Maddie Lumpkin

That is so cool! I couldn't stand it, I'd have to open them all!!! If you happen to give in and do just that, please show what you find! Tami

twinkle beverages

Oh my! After reading your post...a memory that was placed way back in my mind, came back to me. I had purchased a box of English party crackers for our family party. My niece and nephew were sooooooooo excited when they saw them. We let them each open one and then made them wait for the rest. After they had left, my father and I opened the rest. We were so embarrassed when they asked for them later. He and I are so impulsive, it can get rather pathetic. They each included a folded crepe paper hat, a small toy and a fortune. Fun stuff. I am glad that you indulged yourself with such whimsy. Take care and Happy New Year.


Yet another amazing find of yours. I agree....I'm afraid I would not be satisfied by opening just one, but glad at least one was able to ring in the new year oh so many years later. How sweet.


I would have never lasted this long!!


These are like English Christmas Crackers only for Halloween. The English ones always come with a little tissue paper hat folded up inside. I think I'd have to open up a few more....

Kathy (Happy NEW Year!)


Happy New Year!!

I am afraid I would have to open at least one more to see what was inside.

Here's to another year of your fun, wonderful blogs!


Oh you are sneaky, dragging this post out until I imagined myself ripping open a popper! What a sweet ending to the story! Loved this post! E

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk

Those are wonderful! Don't you wonder what message is inside the other ones?

Happy New Year!

Kathy Uhrig

You are a stronger woman than I am. I seriously don't think I could resist the temptation to see what is inside the rest of them. Maybe you could use them to bribe yourself into doing the chores you don't want to do. I had to dangle a new magazine in front of my nose to get my Christmas all packed away - LOL!

Vintage by Crystal

You naughty lady! But so glad to see what's in those little crackers. I have a few crackers too and I've really considered breaking into them and then somehow putting them back together. Maybe one day when I'm 99 years old. lol :)


Hi Laurie, Ooooooooh...I would
have opened one to see what was
inside also!! : ) Since there are
4 dozen, one would not hurt. I
may have even gone for another to
open, just to completely satisfy
my curiosity as to whether they
are all the same. They are a great
road trip find for sure.


So if you don't open them....what do you plan to do with them?

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