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January 06, 2011



I'm not positive about the ID, but I've seen similar gadgets intended to hold a baby blanket in place on a pram. The ones I saw clamped onto the side of the baby buggy pulling it tightly across the baby.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Mary B.

Laurie, I didn't see your blog yesterday so my wish is a day late. "Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Laurie. Happy birthday to you!" I hope it was WONDERFUL!!!!

Mary B.


Hi Laurie, I'm so glad that you
had a wonderful Birthday. : )

Hmmmmmmm...do you think the plastic
bird could be some kind of sterilizing tool for baby bottle
nipples or the bottles themselves?
Or maybe to sterilize pacifiers?
I am so intrigued now!! : )
Love the magnified pic of you.

Ter from Vintage Station

They definitely are pram clips. Used to keep the baby from kicking the blanket down. I have an original package with two blue birdie clips. There is a hole at the tail to tie a ribbon and attach to the crib or buggy. Then the bill clips the blanket. They come in a set of two.


Well, I see that someone has already come up with the correct answer...but just for hoots...I was going to say a diaper hanger for hanging outside on the line!


Aw, your bloggers are so smart. They are right. You use them like a clothes pin. They are very cute aren't they? I remember seeing some in Mom's junk drawer. I'll ask her if she still has them.

Into Vintage

Pram clips...I'm curious would they say do not boil? Was boiling a common method of washing baby-related blanket accessories back in the day? I suppose Baby could get something on them that could be boiled off... :-) Good work, Detective Magpie.


I'm glad someone else knows because I surely didn't. And yes - I boiled almost everything my baby touched -even diapers.


Happy you had a good B day. So glad an answer was found...I have seen them but didn't know what they were...isn't blogland great!

Linda @ A La Carte

How fun to find out what those are. I love blog land!! Glad you had a great birthday!


Hi, I have some in the original package!! They are clips to hold sheets or bedding on a crib mattress. I think they are just so.....cute. Penny

Vintage Christine

Good thing I never got pregnant since I probably would've boiled the baby, too. Cleanliness IS next to godliness, you know! And therefore I had NO clue what that thing was other than something cute.


Hmmmm...I think it is something made in 1944 with hopes that in 2011 Magpie would stumble across it and fancy it up.

Yup...I am pretty sure that is what it is.


Thank you all for helping solve the mystery! Pegi

Mitzi Curi

Wow, pram clips! That's a new one on me! I was going to suggest they might be clips to keep a tablecloth on a picnic table, although I have some of those that are just plain silver clips. There are some knowledgeable people in blogland, that's for sure!

Janice Campbell

You could have just asked your mother .... I used them on your blankets when you were little !!


Happy, happy birthday!!! Love your mom's comment :)

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