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January 26, 2011



You are two peas in a pod, right down to your January birthdays. Cute pincushion, by the way!


What a great pillow!! And it does go great with your others.


How fun to get together and celebrate your birthdays! Very nice pillow! Looks great!


I need to get all my stuff out and take pix! I did get out a couple of plates and pillows today! Zootsuitmama


I am so jealous...Imagine all that crafting juju in one place. I can't believe you missed the bread boxes. The decals...the storage. That's okay, you've got it covered on everything else. Did you do your curtain pins yet. I do love those. Gorgeous pillow and that needle lady is right up my alley.

Into Vintage

It's a thrill to know my pillow is in your amazing home. I hope we can continue our birthday tradition for many years to come!

Carol Tootalian

I love reading your blog - it truly makes me happy. I also read Amy's and saw the birthday spun head gal you whipped up for her.

Okay - I'm totally intrigued by the adorable picture hanging above your sofa. Please take a full picture of it and post it in your blog one day. I'm a sucker for pictures with children.


I just love you and Amy's blogs. You two are treasures!


What a TEASE!!!! I, too, am dying to see the picture over the couch (in OK it is called a couch-ha!). Anyway, it looks amazing. One thing I love about your blog is that I can click on your pictures and really look at them in detail.

Please tell me the picture is available somewhere for purchase.

Also, do you have any ideas how to recycle tattered Dick and Jane readers that still have some good pages left in them.


The pillow is so awesome. She is one very good seamstress. I love the spun head creation you made for her...right on the money! I think I already wished you a Happy B'day but if not, Happy Birthday to you!!


The Oregon pillow turned out great. I wonder how many tablecloths I didn't buy because of stains or holes. Oh well, I guess I have enough projects started without a bunch of tablechoths.
Did they change your zodiac sign, too? I am now a Capricorn instead of Aquarian. Didn't seem to change my life in any way. Ha
Love the little girl you created. Sweet. ~Janet


Hi Laurie, What an adorable
pillow!!! It looks so nice with
all of your other pillows!!
Love it!!!


Count me in on wanting to hear about the picture! You know I love everHything you do.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love your happy blue couch, Laurie! And Amy's pillow couldn't be more perfect!

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