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January 19, 2011



Fabulous items! I'm glad that your friend thought of you when disposing of them, but I have to wonder why no one in your friend's family wanted these vintage Christmas decorations. Oh well, their loss is your gain!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

I'm so happy for you! What fabulous treasures and I'm sure it means so much to your friend, knowing the wreath will be loved!


That was so sweet for her to think of you! Great stuff- it almost makes you want it to be Christmas again!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Yes, sometimes it's a good thing to have a reputation! I've had many things come my way because people know I like old stuff. Those wreaths and the tree are so pretty, I'd be tempted to have them out year-round, and I bet they're going to be even prettier when you're done with them!


Oh my...you can look at those for hours and see something new. What a great home they went to. I cannot wait to see where they end up displayed next Christmas. These are the true crafting masterpieces of the past. My heart pitter patters for you. Enjoy!


Ooh, that is NEAT! I'm so glad she thought of you and that fabulousness wasn't lost in the landfill forever!

Vintage Tinsel

I love the wreaths and tree! What a great post!

Linda @ A La Carte

Those are amazing! What wonderful decorations and you will fix them up and treasure them. Sweet to return the small one to your friend!


Wow! Those are just gorgeous. (And definitely deserve to remain intact!) I think I know what you mean by that scrunchy stuff but I don't know what it is - it almost seems like something that comes from a hardware store rather than the craft department, if it's what I've seen.


Sweet! I have a pink deer like that- it's a pin. He went on the silver tree in my bedroom this year along with some other pinkish vintage goodness.

Carol Tootalian

I'll say it has gone to a good home and the right home. That wreath is you through and through. Christmas 1953 - love that. I'm almost as old as the wreath!

Into Vintage

Isn't it great that someone sat there all those years ago and created these? Maybe she had a studio like yours where she saved all kinds of interesting things for vintage crafting. And I'm guessing 1953 was pre-glue gun so whatever was used to hold this together really stood the test of time. Love it!


It couldn't have found a more perfect new owner. I can just see all the wonderful treasure you will add to these beautiful pieces - right up your alley. It reminds me of one of those "I spy" books where you have to find the hidden objects - you could spend hours enjoying all those tiny little trinkets. Enjoy!


Laurie, What a fascinating find! Who knew they were creating Magpie Originals way back when! My heart nearly dropped at the thought of the daughter not keeping this heirloom, but your fixing and giving her the smaller wreath back will let her know in time how special an item this truly is. Wonderful post! Elizabeth


Those are so dear. She knew the right perosn to give them to and I'm sure she will treasure the one you give back. I remember things like those at church bazaars in the 50's.


I am so happy she thought of you and let you rescue these treasures. They are just wonderful!


I'm just going to faint right now. Those items are AMAZING!!! I would probably have a heart attack if I ever came across something like that at Goodwill. How amazing! The vintage gods truly love you! And you deserve it! :)


Fabulous treasures - and from such a great year too!! LOL!

Beth Kloss

So completely gorgeous...glad it's in good hands!


These are so cool! What great giftys from your friend!

Shelley Germann

How lucky you have each other. I think it was kismet that it came your way. It is completely adorable and the provinance the great bonus.

PS-I spotted that deer before you gave us the close-up shot. You know in Iowa we have a lot of corn-fed dear to watch for while we drive...it's essential.


Oh my goodness that wreath is awesome. Your friend found a good home for her mom's treasures.


oh wow Oh Wow OH WOW!
Did I say "WOW"??????


I love finding things like this! zootsuitmama


Dear Laurie, ohhh I'm so glad
that your friend gave you these
vintage treasures and how sweet
that you will give back to her,
a momento for her to keep. Thank
goodness the wreaths found their
way to you to repair and treasure.
Love the little deer.

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Laurie! OMG this wreath is amazing! It truely was meant to make it's way to you! I'm so curious if you have repaired it this year. Will it make an appearence this Christmas?
Erica :)

Holly-cutie pie cottage

Wow! What treasures! When you mentioned the steel wool scrunchy thing- I knew just what you meant! ♥

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