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February 19, 2011


Kim K.

What a lovely way to start my morning. You scored BIG time. We have another snow/ice storm headed our way, but I'm digging out the pastels in my craft room. I'm ready to start decorating for Easter.
Happy Sunday!


I can see your Estate Sale Smile all the way from Ohio! It brightens up my day for sure! Looking forward to St. Pat's day in the shop. I think it is the only Laurie holiday I haven't got covered yet! Elizabeth


All those pinks and pastels make me hope that spring really is coming. Great finds!


Oh, it looks like you found TWO lucky bunnies. I love that you take well, well loved pieces and reincarnate them into something fabulous, I have a soft spot for bunnies...soft spot?…hahaha - anyway I do have a soft spot for bunnies. Please show us these guys when you've gussied them up. Have a great Sunday and thanks for sharing, Laurie! - Kathy


Oh Laurie, just in time for Easter...I have my mom's dance book with the tiny pencil in turquoise. So sweet. I am so glad you are back to finding treasures and that we can share in your hunts on Etsy now...Smiles..Renee


Cute! I've been finding lots of Easter, but not vintage!


That pink bunny tugs at your heart, doesn't he? So sweet. Great find!

I am so ready for a good digger sale! :D


You really did have a super weekend! That pink bunny needed a good home. And the spun head bunny needs some ears, but I like it's expression.


I DO NOT KNOW why I have such a soft spot for those jewelry boxes. And it looks to be navy blue which I have not seen before. Big sigh. A good estate sale weekend for sure! I did not have the same luck. I did not see any listed that were nearby then the husband and I left the house late yesterday to do some errands and there was one right around the corner from my house. Apparently it was Saturday only because there is no sign of it today. Have these people not heard of Craigslist and EstateSale-Finder for crying out loud!


You found better things than I did this weekend...it's still the thrill of the hunt!
I'm glad to hear that you will be making the little bunny "pretty"..or "handsome".
deb :)


Hi Laurie, LOVE the pink bunny,
chick and spun head bunny. I
can't wait to see what you do
with him. I hope you show us. :)
s n o w i n g ...again in NY.
I had the start of grass showing,
but, I guess it will be white again.
Nice to see the Spring colors in
your post.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

All of these estate sale goodies have got me smiling too! Love that pink bunny, and everything in the previous post. Any day now there should be an estate sale to go to here. I can't wait!

Kathy Groove Cloth

Gasp. All of a sudden the memory of those old upright stuffed bunnies with wired ears that I had as a child... comes flooding back. I had forgotten all about them until just now.

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