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February 01, 2011



Love the cardinals tin.

Using magnets to hold labels on is a great idea! duh, why didn't I think of that? I probably have a tin full of magnets! ha

Elizabeth Holcombe

Would you believe I just found the flower one (at the bottom of your post) at the thrift store yesterday in near mint condition for 50 cents?~~~XXOO, Beth


I have a soft spot for tins too - and agree with you that they make great storage!


Over the years I have collected many tins but they mostly have found there way elsewhere. Your cardinals stole my heart. I still buy them to sell in my space but use baskets for storage. Great collection.


Laurie, what was I thinking...bread boxes have nothing on these gorgeous graphics. Stackable too! Major oversight on my part...looks like I have something new to look for...Renee

Mary Ann

Oh, I just love, love, vintage tins. They are taking over my house. I love the Daher ones, especially ones with handles. But of course, I do have others. Enjoyed seeing yours.

Into Vintage

Only your round tins ... that made me laugh. I can't pick a favorite - the doily tin is pretty darn cute but so are the birds and the candy tins. And how is it possible you're up to collection #39 already!?


Hi Laurie,
What a fun collection of vintage
tins!! I also love the pics of
what you store in them. : )
I have a few vintage and some
not so vintage but I love them
Congratulations on your E is
for Ethel Etsy shop!! Uhmmmmm....
any spun cotton heads going there?
lol!!!! I know, I wouldn't part
with them either.
Hope your weather is ok....our
weather is horrible. :O


Laurie, how about children's mugs, plates, and bowls.

elma riedstra

Love the pink candy one!! How about do you have pyrex???


I love the "keep in mind these are only my round tins." I don't know why this cracked me up, but it did. I guess because we KNOW that this can't possibly be all the tins you own!! Cheers - Kathy

Emily Thompson

gorgeous collection!!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You have an amazing collection Laurie, and you inspired me to collect them too, and never pass them up! How can you beat storage and beauty all in one? And of course you inspired my vintage tray collection too, but you knew that!

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