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February 22, 2011



Wow...your collection is amazing! I am like you...I could colour all day long...in fact I just bought a huge new box of crayons the other day and my 15 year old and I decided it was time to colour.
Happy Day to you. xoxoo


Oooh Laurie, you have a wonderful collection. I love them all.
Remember when life was so simple... a new coloring book and a box of crayons (ah, that smell) and all was right with the world.
One Christmas, I gave everyone on my list a new book and crayons as a stocking stuffer! They all seemed pleased except my husband.

Mary B.

I loved seeing all of your coloring books. The graphics are beautiful.
I also just got to see the goodies you found at your estate sales. They are all treasures! Those get me excited about spring coming.
Happy hunting!
Mary B.


Love the coloring books, reminds me of my mother. We loved to color and water paint. What a neat collection.

Instead of show me your collection of__________. I am requesting you to show us what you wish you had a collection of. That should be a tough one with all your collections you already have :) Happy Tuesday!!


I love to color, too, and my kids all think I'm crazy. Love your collection.


These graphics are stunning. Bright and crisp. How can you not collect these. I just recently grabbed one and quickly framed it. It wasn't colored in either? Funny, I am the one coloring at the table still..wonder what that means? Renee


Someone asked me not too long ago to name my favorite toy as a child. I didn't even have to stop and think - crayons and coloring books!


Absolutely a wonderful collection -- I remember having some of those myself. Enjoyed looking at them. Thanks......


Do you have a crayon collection you could show? I am interested in a particular type of crayon we used in elementary school in the late 60's-early 70's. There were only about 8 colors in the box and they were octagonal (so not to roll off our desk). I know they were not Crayola brand, but some other mandatory crayon used by school systems. There werent that great, but I would love to see some for old times sake!


There's something about the smell of a coloring book and crayons that makes me feel like a kid again.


Funny that you've been coloring~ I have too! I loooove it! Your books are wonderful. Lovelovelove those vintage images!


When we finally get to meet, we definitely can sit down and color together. (My mom would still color with me if I'd ask her.) There's something very satisfying about it. I remember the crayons Janie mentioned - were they Prang crayons?

Vintage Christine

Our dog actually ate some crayons and after we determined he wasn't going to die from doing that we figured there was going to be some mighty pretty "piles" on the property for the next few days. Didn't check, though. Ewwwww. I,too, would enjoy hearing about what you wish you collected but it's hard to imagine what that could be!


There is nothing, NOTHING, like the smell of a freshly opened box of crayons. Love these old coloring books which just jogged a memory. I remember getting coloring books with pictures on the front that had nothing to do with the pictures inside. It used to drive me crazy as a kid. I'm sure a therapist would have a field day with that one. Maybe I shouldn't have "said" it outloud. oops.... - CHEERS! Kathy

Sandy McClay

Oh Laurie,
I LOVE them all.....any chance we could copy of the covers for crafting???? ALso if you could send me your snail addy again, I have a small box of things for you! Spring cleaning!!!! Sandy


What a wonderful collection! I would love to find something like these, but have never come across one. Beautiful!

Loretta Houben

I adore the smell of a new box of crayons. I spent hours colouring when I was young. I still have all my childhood colouring books.

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