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February 24, 2011



I am happy that you finally got some snow - I know you were wishing for it. Every kid needs at least one snow day! (Ours have had 10 so far, which is not so fun to make up). It is raining cats and dogs here - I think we have traded weather!


It was lovely while it lasted! I love how snow makes everything feel quiet and cozy. Especially this kind of snow that comes with no wind so it just settles on everything like frosting on a cake. I hope my husband snapped a picture of the way our foutain looked this morning before it melted!

My Shabby Roses

It was so fun to see the snow falling today...I wonder what tomorrow will bring! I could stand another day off.

Into Vintage

It's still falling out here in my neck of the woods -- a few inches more than predicted but it's so pretty. No flowers blooming here just yet...


The gateway looks magical with a icing of snow on it.
Snow is not too bad to handle right now, knowing spring will be here soon!

Happy weekend :)


How fun! They have been predicting snow this weekend in San Francisco, but it's a long shot...


Hi Laurie,
Your snow looks pretty! I love
your sweet archway and brick
path. I hope your flowers are
It is s n o w i n g here in NY
and I will be glad to send some
if you want more. :) I think
the groundhog made a mistake.

Kathy Groove Cloth

I can not believe how early your flowers bloom there.

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