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March 01, 2011



You are too funny! and I hope that beach cottage becomes a reality soon!!


Love the swim caps. Used to own some. They weren't vintage at the time but would be now :>)
Hope you get the beach house!!


You let me know when you make the down payment and I'm sure that somewhere out there, there is a turquoise beach cap with your name on it!


This is just too fun!! Your photo's are priceless and the sunglasses just add that right touch!! Love it!!!

The second beach cap is quite fancy. Do you ever score old pictues with women/kids wearing the old beach caps?


That flowered one cracks me up. I think I had something similar for swimming lesson in junior high. I have, well lets just say, a rather narrow head and swim caps are NOT a good look for me. I remember searching for one that had a little volume to it so I wouldn't look like a pin head. Ah, school days......!


Can you imagine how many styles those came in. Those would be fab on dummy heads lined up in a row. Never thought of that I collect those old sprinklers. They are rare. My daughter can spot them in a crowd. Must be because she is closer to the ground. I line my front stoop with them in the summer. Reminds me how styles change. I wonder what we should be saving now?


I always HATED wearing those tight rubber things on my head.
Of course, I never had one like the one with the flowers -- that one is pretty cute.
Kathy's idea of having them on dummy heads is a great idea.
You look adorable in the pictures.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You were in the front yard, for the whole world to see, when you took those pictures, weren't you? You're so cute! Love your inspiration pictures, and I hope you get that beach house some day!


Oh, that was good for a chuckle! You are too much fun. I had a cap covered with flowers when I was a tween....darn cute, but...when you dove into the pool, the flowers often popped off. I was forever retrieving plastic flowers before they "CLOGGED-THE-DRAIN." Gasp.

Into Vintage

O.M.G. Laughing out loud here. You're too funny!

BTW - love Chippy! Shabby!'s blog.

Jeanine Burkhardt

I LoVe those vintage Swimmer's Caps!*!*!
Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!


OK. I just have to state now for the entire world. You are my hero! Seriously. No lie. You are my hero.
Because - NO ONE - NO ONE - would put on a swimming cap if they didn't have to, photograph themself and then put said photo on their website!! You have got some chutzpah, lady!! LOL I'm laughing my head off!!! You are NUTS!! LOL Oh, LOrdy I do remember those hated swim caps.


Linda @ A La Carte

Love the swim caps and hey at least you have two of them!!


I could get hooked on those sprinklers, too. And I hope you get your beach house so you can justify a swim-cap collection.

Meri Wiley

You are amazing woman! I so wish I had your humor and your looks! You are such a pretty lady, and the swimcaps only highlight that! I, however, hated those swimcaps and do not share your desire to collect them. I do hope your dream of a seaside cottage comes true.

Big Hugs,

Shelley Davis

Oh dear....I don't think I will ever be able to read your blog again without thinking of these pictures!!! They're great. You are a hoot! My girls arrived yesterday. I love them. They are sitting in my kitchen window cheering me on to Spring. Great pick me ups! We have had the longest winter ever. I could use a beach cottage about now.



God love ya', Laurie... you just made my day!!! Those photos are swell... better than swell! I love your moxy!

I was actually stalking websites for vintage swimcaps last summer. I love them. My sister and I had a white caps with bright, floppy daisies when we were little. Oh, how I wish we had photos. I can still remember the texture and the smell of the rubber material~ it reminds me of childhool summers.



Hi Laurie,

Dahling.......you look...
FABULOUS in your swimcaps and
sunglasses!!! lol : ) : )
I truly think you are so cute
in them and you certainly have
more courage than me wearing them.
I remember those well....and I
hated the chin strap on mine. It
sometimes snapped and it hurt!!!
I've never seen vintage sprinklers
like that and they are so cute!
I do hope you have your dream
cottage by the sea one day.

Mitzi Curi

My mother had the best flowery bathing cap back in the 1960's. I can still remember what it smelled like.....I used to play with it and admire it endlessly. Oh, the simple joys of childhood!

Kathy Groove Cloth

TWO caps??? What? Someone got busy over the last five years on her swim cap collection. And I believe this is the first mention of a beach house...

and so it begins.

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